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Saturday, January 30th, 2016
12:04 am
Post One of 2016
When I don't write for awhile, so much happens that I lose track! I'm gonna TRY to post once a week ("try" being the operative word here). It's my New Year's Resolution, and I'm getting off to a very late start!

My holidays were pretty awesome. How were yours?

I have stories. This season, we had both girls for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years. Which was not a given, as they are both farther away these days. That means I'm overwhelmed with things to write about.

Scott says I should make this Part One of many, and get it up quick, so I have a start.

So here goes.

I'm going to tell you about The Exploratorium. Do you know it? It is one of my favorite museums in the world. I bonded with the head of The Children's Museum (in Boston) when I worked there over our love of The Exploratorium. It's a very hands-on museum, and you can't help learning something every time you visit. And because of the way you're learning, you don't forget, either. It sticks with you. If you haven't been, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have so much love for it.

Which is why I was beyond excited when Scott was asked to come visit for two days. They wanted to talk to him about all the things he's now obsessed with (essentially what will be his next book) and he wanted to talk to them! Mutual brain picking. Scott told our host that I loved the museum, had worked in museums in Boston (for those who don't know, I worked at both Children's and Science. I love museums), and that I'd be driving. Instantly, I was included in everything. My opinion was also considered important. This is a big thing for me. I tend to feel like Scott's appendage, so it was pretty awesome to be seen as someone with valid opinions.

In mid-November, Scott and I drove up to SF. We spent a Monday in the museum while it was closed. We got to play with things, talk to lots of people and have an amazing day. On Tuesday we came back and got to watch the museum with people in it, and I forced Scott into the sensory deprivation dome. We met more people and saw things being worked on. And, surprisingly, even after meeting me, people still took my comments seriously!

It was a wonderful couple days. There was also a nice seafood meal, lots of sourdough bread, a trip to the Musée Méchanique and some beautiful walks.

And I guess there is where it should end.

But it doesn't.

They have asked Scott and I back! With Bucky, since they are a dog friendly museum! So at the end of March we are spending TWO WEEKS at the Exploratorium! I am so excited! After the two weeks we are going in different directions, so that still needs to be worked out...

From there, I'm going to Seattle and then Portland, so if you are in one of those places and want to see me (or us), let me know!

And that's enough for today.
Monday, December 14th, 2015
1:02 pm
My new job! (Well, sort of)
I recently told people that I got an AWESOME new job, but didn't give any details. There's a reason for that. But since so many people asked about it, I thought I'd let you know what I could!

First off, it's very temporary. I started this past Friday, and, if all goes as it should, I end on this coming Friday (8 days total).

Second, it's in Valencia, which I could commute to, but the hours are such that they are putting me up here. (So nice to have some quiet time: terrible for holiday shopping, though)

As for what the job actually is, that's what I'm not sure if I can tell you. None of us are sure of what we're allowed to tell people.

BUT, I do have this very interesting article I can link you to...now I'm not SAYING, it has anything to do with what I'm doing... I'll let you draw your own conclusions (wink wink):
Read here.
(I'll add that where it says four, you should change that to six)

So that's my life! I'm going back home for Star Wars on Thursday late night, then coming back here for Friday. If all is done, I should be back in time for Game Night, with many stories! I'm sure il be safe to talk about it after Christmas...
Thursday, October 15th, 2015
11:43 pm
The End of the Trip
We are home.

We have been since Sunday night, and it's now Thursday. There should be a lot to catch up on, and there is, sort of, but most of it isn't very interesting. So I've been putting off writing. Well, okay, honestly, I've mostly been exhausted so I've tried to get a bit done every day but haven't been up to much more.

The rest of the trip home was driving, Los Vegas, and more driving. As usual, Vegas was way too hot, but we spent most of our outdoor time at night which wasn't quite as bad. We walked a lot. Discovered a bunch of walkways that connected the hotels from the second floor. A bit scary with my fear of heights, but nowhere near as scary as the tram/monorail/whatever that we took.

Our excitement (we are old) consisted of eating at the buffet at MGM Grand (this is a Scott thing, he loves this buffet, I think it's okay but really expensive and would love to try others; someday we will be back for more than 20 hours), seeing the fountains at The Bellagio (we're suckers, we love them), and walking. A lot.

In the morning we gambled.

My mom asked me to spend $10 on the slots (the only kind of gambling I've ever done in Vegas), so I did. So did Scott. It was his first time ever, and it was totally different from the last time I did it so we both had to learn how the slot machines work. Haha. I have NO idea how they work. They confuse me no end. But I now know how to put money in, and get it back out to go to another machine or to cash out (everything's done with paper these days-much harder to spend a set amount and keep winnings separate). In the end, we spent $20 total, and saved our winnings of ~$5. So, two or so hours of fun for $15!

Our favorite machine was the Batman one. It had cut scenes from the TV show of our youth. Very cool.

We got to Vegas at around 5pm on Saturday night. We left at around noon or 1pm on Sunday. Got home Sunday night. Had dinner with my mom. Then watched an entire week of Jeopardy, to see Amazing Young Matt.

That's about it. Laundry took forever. There was a lot. I've paid some bills. We've been watching Steven Universe every free minute. Outside of Jeopardy and the debate that's all we watched (and the first episode of Rick and Morty which I fear is a very Ivy-unfriendly show).

Tonight we are going to the movie theatre to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet. To be honest, it's not my favorite play. I have much of it memorized, but I don't like it (I don't like Romeo and Juliet either, I'm full of unpopular opinions). But Mr Cumberbatch is so talented that it's worth it just to see him. I'm very excited about this!

In other news, yesterday, Winter was in lockdown at her school. She was alone in her dorm room and understandably upset. There was a shooting nearby. Not on campus, had nothing to do with the school, but because it was close the school took the precaution. Last I heard, they still haven't found the shooter(s). A 15 year-old is dead and a 17 year-old is injured. Can we stop with the guns already? Have enough people died yet? Winter and her friends are fine, I'm just really tired of hearing about people shooting other people, especially kids. I'm ready for this to stop. I've been ready for a long time now.

Okay, let's talk about something happy: tomorrow is Friday! We are home! That means, yup, you guessed it, GAME NIGHT!! Any locals who want in, please come! If you don't remember where we are (my mom's place), ping me! And don't forget to 6:15 if you want in on sushi or pizza. I'm guessing it's gonna be a pretty awesome night.

And there's other cool news pending. If you're at GN, you'll probably hear everything, but I'll post about it once things are real...

And the next post will finally be about Vermont and that part of our trip.

(Wow, this is pretty long considering I thought I had nothing to say)

(Note 2: Just got back from Hamlet. Pretty awesome. Overshadowed a bit by my run and subsequent fall during intermission. My arm is quite a sight. Haven't looked at my hip yet. It's over an hour later and I'm still in pain. Ow. Guess my leg's not as perfect as I thought it was? But, Hamlet was well worth the pain!)
Friday, October 9th, 2015
11:32 pm
I must sleep!
I'm so tired that I'm not even gonna do the Twitter/Facebook thing to tell people this is here until tomorrow. Now THAT'S tired!

Today we drove just under 600miles (I think; the odometer recording today's mileage got accidentally zeroed out at some point, so I'm not positive).

We are in Colorado. Almost at the end of the state. I can't remember the name of the city, but it's more than one word long (Scott's asleep and I'm in the dark, so I can't check the phone or anything).

As always, the best part of driving through Colorado is...well, Colorado. So beautiful. This is the best of the pictures I took today:

This does not begin to do the beauty that is Colorado justice. It was getting dark, so we only stopped at one rest area, which was sad, but driving in this dark scares me more than Colorado is beautiful.

Dinner tonight was at an Italian restaurant and was delicious.

But, more importantly, they had paper on the table, and gave us crayons to draw with.

Here are our drawings (so clear which one was drawn by the Artist, and which was drawn by the significantly less talented Wife)

I can't keep my eyes open, and we're getting up early tomorrow because we wanna get to Vegas early enough to have fun. I'll try to write more then.

Good night!
Thursday, October 8th, 2015
11:16 pm
I've Decided to Cheat
Okay. I've decided to cheat. When I left off my narrative we were done with Milwaukee. After that came a stop in Syracuse, several days in Vermont, a quick night in Canada, and a longer stop back at Syracuse.

I have a lot to say about all of the above, but I'm not feeling great. A got a slight cold in Vermont, and I've been plagued with stomach stuff ever since. And I don't want to fall more behind, so...

What I've decided to do is blog our trip back out west. We've already done about half the trip so I'll catch you up on the last few days, then make sure to write something everyday until we get home (which, if all goes well, should be Sunday). On Monday, I should have all day to sleep, play with my dog (whom I miss terribly), do laundry, hug and talk to my mom, and write up the Vermont and Syracuse portions of our trip.


We started our drive late on Tuesday (I'll explain why when I write that part on Monday) and only managed to drive to Buffalo. I made us stop early because Tuesday is movie night, and I had a plan! And it worked!! We stopped early enough that we were able to make it to see the Riff Trax version of Miami Connection. I do not remember the last time I laughed so hard! It was the perfect way to start our trip, especially since we've decided we no longer have time for much more than getting back ASAP.

Wednesday we drove just under 600 miles. Highlights of the day included;

• Stopping at a random Dunkin' Donuts and them HAVING MY CHOCOLATE KREME DONUTS! This is a big deal in Ivy world. I bought two.
• Eating lunch at a Burger King that looked nothing like a Burger King.
• Drinking way too much Diet Dr Pepper.
• Having dinner at Cracker Barrel
• Frozen Custard

The Frozen Custard deserves its own paragraph. See, to my knowledge, I'd never had frozen custard before this trip. In the last few weeks I've had it four times. I seem to like it. Did you know it existed? Hmm, I have a lot to say about it, but it's getting late, and I need to drive 600 miles tomorrow, so I'm adding a note to write about frozen custard on my Vermont blog.

Last night's hotel room (in Peru, IL) was quite grand. They gave us a handicapped suite. I was too ill and tired to fully appreciate it. But I did take a picture! Actually I tried to take a pic at every place we stopped. Some pretty boring pictures there. Here's the pic of the room:

While I'm picturing things, mmmm donuts!:

Today we drove about 560miles. This day was even less exciting than yesterday. My pictures today are lame, and yet, more interesting than the day was. We did listen to some great podcasts, so that part was fun. I think today's highlight was getting to talk to both girls on the phone. And, to a much lesser extent, having dinner at Red Lobster.

We are in Kearney, Nebraska. It's near Lexington, Nebraska, which I didn't know existed until today. Tomorrow we gain another hour, so 600 miles should be doable. I'll comment on all comments and messages then.

Here's today's best pics:

Oh, and Game Night Gang, if you've read this far: there WILL be a Game Night this coming Friday (October 16th), at my mom's!
Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
11:14 pm
I know, I know, I've been sick, okay? Well really that's no excuse, since I've only been sick for a few days, but it sounds good...?

I'm sitting in Bird Library, at Syracuse University. Waiting. And writing. Winter is at a nearby school, observing a math teacher, and Scott is taking a walk. When we first got to the library, I found a comfy seat, sat down, and looked up at the books in my direct line of sight. Standing on a shelf, clearly on display, was Scott's book Making Comics. I keep looking up at it and smiling as I write this!

I can't seem to get the Internet to work, so I'm never sure when this will get posted (or finished, for that matter) but at least I'm starting.

I believe we were heading for Milwaukee last I wrote? Milwaukee was mostly about our friend Kennan. He is a professor there (as is his partner, but she's on sabbatical doing awesome things, which is great for her, but sad for us, since she wasn't there). I have known Kennan since he was about 13. He might not be related to us, but he is family. And we do not see nearly enough of him these days, so it was wonderful to be able to spend some time with him.

We got into town on Thursday evening, got a tour of Kennan (and Carolyn)'s house (wow, is their house beautiful!). Then dinner at a tiny Italian place. Mm, pasta.

(Since the above was written, 24hours have passed, and I'm now in a hotel in Syracuse waiting to go to a meeting with Winter)

Friday was the talk. I don't remember what we did during the day. I know the talk was around 6pm. Our hosts were the college's comic club called "Bam! Pow! Comics." Now that our youngest child is twenty, everyone college age seems really young. And so did they. But, as one would expect, they were adorably geeky. In other words, our kind of people.

Kennan made it just in time to the talk, and joined us and the comics club gang at dinner at a local hamburger place. They opened the upstairs for us, so we got to be as rowdy as we wanted to be, which wasn't very, actually, but there were some lively discussions, though I no longer remember what they were about.

Saturday was all about touring Milwaukee with Kennan. We went to the beautiful art museum with the sail, which was mostly closed, so we got to enjoy the entrance and lobby. Then we went to a coffee shop that used to be a pumping station (it was pretty cool). It was followed by a trip to the Public Museum.

Before going there Kennan warned us that it was an incredibly kitschy museum that was not to everyone's taste. In other words, our kind of place. And it was, it so was. The one problem was that we got there late enough that we only had time to explore the first floor fully. But, since it had the amazing European Village we most definitely got our money's worth. It was so cool people! You have no idea! And so wrong in so many ways. This, we took pictures of. Here's one of Scott trying to look like the guy with the plans (technically this was part of the history of Milwaukee part, but it was right next to Europe, and we took the picture):

And here's part of the Jewish room. I found this particularly amusing. Get it, they're Jewish, that means money must be involved!:

I could've spent all day in that museum!

We ended our Milwaukee tour with The Fonz. I did not take a picture, but trust me, on the river walk in town, is a statue of The Fonz, it was the Bronze Fonz. I kid you not!

That was the week that Pawn Sacrifice came out, and Scott was dying to see it. So we did! Kennan took us to this beautiful theater to see it. It was one of those big theaters with a balcony and everything. It had been converted into three screens, two tiny and one large. Two of them were being used for a film festival in town, so it was rather crowded, but since we were seeing a non-festival show ours wasn't so bad. We all liked the movie. It was a while ago now, so my memory is nebulous, but I'd recommend it. Though it did make me sad.

That night we spent the night at Kennan's. I think that few days with Kennan was more time than I'd spent with him in decades. The next morning we went to a pancake house that was so good that if I lived there, I'd be eating there every morning. It might've been the best French toast I've ever had. So good.

But then we had to say goodbye to Kennan, Milwaukee, and this narrative.

I need to go now to get to that meeting with Winter. I'll proof and post this tonight, then write up Vermont and our present trip to SU. I will catch up eventually!
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015
9:24 pm
I'm sitting here at a laundromat filling the time while machines do their work. I figure writing this is my work and it's time to try to put the last few days into perspective.

SPX stands for Small Press eXpo (I know, the letters don't really match, but whatever) and takes place in Bethesda, Maryland. We have only done the show a few times. Scott's been to one or two without me. The thing about SPX is that it's small and there are lots of cool young cartoonists. This means there's the ability to have actual conversations with people and you come back with lots of great new comics.

(Okay, that didn't work. The laundromat had the TV on too loud for me to concentrate. Then life. So I'm finishing this today, Wednesday.)

But this year the show seemed to have a vibe. I've been trying to figure out a way to express it. The closest I've been able to come up with is Circle of Life? I got to talk to lots of people (my favorite part of any con), but many of my conversations were about the big things. There was more than one good friend who is getting a divorce, others getting married. My mom called to tell me a friend of ours had died, and there were other recently deceased people being talked about at length, and babies! Besides getting word of Neil and Amanda having their baby, I got to hold a beautiful four month old, and see a friend we'd met earlier this year who was due practically any minute. I spent the whole weekend feeling sad and happy simultaneously. Which is not easy. And not actually fun (except for the holding the baby part, that was just happy!).

Then there were my friends. There were a bunch of people I'd hoped to spend some time with, and our time together (if we saw each other at all) was enough for a hug, and not much more. On the other hand, I actually got some real time with people I've not gotten to hang with in far too long, so that was great.

In the just fun portion of the weekend, I did get to see some panels and they were all very interesting and lots of fun. Scott's panel was well-received, and I had (as usual) a great time kibitzing from the front row! So many people mentioned loving the panel throughout the rest of the day, which was cool. Scott had two signings at the CBLDF booth, and they both had huge lines, people even got turned away (which was both sad and cool).

All in all, I had a good weekend, I guess. Just a little bit off, not right. I'm not loving growing old.

Though the nearby Dunkin' Donuts did have my favorite kind (Chocolate Kreme: So. Good!), so that part was solidly happy.

The Monday after the con, we were invited to stop by Richard Thompson's (of Cul De Sac fame) house for a visit. So of course we went. Richard was a political cartoonist before he started working on the strip. Cul de Sac is considered one of the best comic strips of recent history. It's pretty awesome. Thing is, Richard developed Parkinson's Disease, and his career ended. He's now in a wheelchair, with limited capacity to do much. Talking is not easy for him. Meeting him, for me, was an honor. I love meeting funny, smart people. I wished I'd met him before he was sick. As it was, I could understand much of what he said, but not all. I expect he was much more interested in meeting Scott, but he included me in the conversation as well. When we left, I wanted to scream at the universe for being so cruel. And to just sit in the car and cry for how senseless it all was. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to meet him. I hope I will be able to do so again (along with his family, who I gather have quite a bit in common with me).

Thank you, again, Shena, for arranging it!

After meeting with Richard, Scott and I drove off to a hotel a few hours away in Pennsylvania, where we've been hiding out ever since. I did laundry, Scott answered email. We went to two (or three, depending on how you count) movies (We saw Grandma together, the next day Scott saw Black Mass, while at the same time I saw Maze Runner 2).

And I've, very slowly written this post. Tomorrow we head for Milwaukee, where Scott speaks on Friday.

I'll likely wait until after that to post again.

Just realized I was supposed to fast today, and didn't. Told Scott I'd do it tomorrow, and he said I'm not allowed to because I'll be driving all day. He's right. Arg. I am such a bad Jew. :-(
Saturday, September 19th, 2015
12:22 am
Skidmore! (Or Tuesday through Friday)
I need to catch up before SPX officially starts, or I'll never remember everything. But it's late here, and I fear that will impede my ability to write completely and coherently, but here goes.

I picked Scott up at the airport on Tuesday and we drove the scenic route to our hotel, stopping at Noodles and Company, because we really do love it.

I had decided I needed to dye my hair, but failed to Wednesday night due to exhaustion, even though I had no good reason.

On Wednesday we drove to Saratoga Springs where Scott's next talk was. We got there with enough time for me to dye my hair before we were meeting people for dinner! Go me!

Dinner was at a nice restaurant with our host, her son, and two other professors. All three professors used Scott's book in classes that they taught, and I loved hearing stories of their teaching experiences!

The next morning we were met up with one of the retired professors who took us on a tour of the city. Saratoga Springs is known for its race track and its water (which is supposed to have medicinal properties), but it should be known for its parks; they are many and beautiful. And there are fountains all over for you to taste the water. I did not love the taste of the water (which tasted different depending on what place you were getting it from), though it was cool that it was naturally carbonated!

After our tour, it was on to Skidmore (the college Scott was talking at) to meet for lunch. Again our host, Catherine, and her son Emmet were there, this time joined by two other students and a friend of Emmet's. It was fun hearing about some of the classes we'd talked about the night before, from the perspective of the students taking the class!

After lunch we were given a tour of the Special Collection Room. I could've stayed there all day. They have some pretty amazing books there. I've never seen books like that. They were art objects first, something to read second. So beautiful. And then there were the books of photos from the beginning of the 1900s of the Apache people. I can't tell you how much I envy Wendy the librarian who curates the collection. If I had her job, I'd get nothing done, I'd be too busy exploring all the books.

After our time in the Library, Wendy drove us back to the hotel so we could rest up for a half hour or so. She came back to get us, and brought her dog, Honeybear, who I hit it off with instantly. We are now fond fast friends. At the school, Scott did a tech check, and I called my mom. My friend Mel (my roommate from my Syracuse days) and her husband David came out to see the talk. I was so glad they came. The talk went very well, and Scott had added things since the last time I'd seen it, which is fun for me!

After the talk there was a signing and then a huge dinner in a museum. We were at Table Number One, which meant we were sitting between the head of the college and the benefactors of the talk. I worry in situations like that that I won't have anything to say, but we spent much of the night talking about travel, so I had lots to offer! It was a great night, and Scott and I were both sad that we needed to rush off the next day.

Which we did. Except that we delayed long enough to get some pastry at a bakery everyone told us we had to try. They were right. There's this pastry called a Brittany that was highly recommended. It was amazing. Like a honey croissant. So. Good.

That was this morning. We spent the rest of today driving to Bethesda Maryland, which is where we are now.

SPX officially starts tomorrow, but we've already bumped into many people we know. I'll do a write up of it on Monday. If you're here this weekend, find me and say hi!!

Otherwise, I'll be back Monday.
Tuesday, September 15th, 2015
8:13 pm
Saturday the 12th Through Tuesday the 15th
Remember how great Friday was? Well Saturday was another stellar day!

Alice has a gig on Saturday mornings, so we got up early (for us, anyway) and headed over. Alice is a sign language interpreter. Have I mentioned that? It was not appropriate for me to be there, so I hung out in the car. We were a block from a bakery and also a convenience store. I got me a gruyere croissant, and a scone for Alice and sat in the car and waited. It is because of this that I was able to do the blog post I posted yesterday. I wrote much of it while sitting in the car. When it got too hot, I got me a soda. The 90 minutes went by super fast.

From there, we drove to Rhode Island. We went to one of my favorite places; Roger Williams Park. I love the whole park, but this time we only went to the zoo. And like every place I've gone back to on this trip, the zoo looked totally different than I remembered. We did a huge amount of walking but it was so worth it. As usual, I talked to a few of the zoo people, and found out interesting things. One of the best moments was when I was trying to get a zoo guy's attention to ask about one of the animals. I don't remember its name but I'd not heard of it before. (I was eventually told it was a member of the civet family, but it didn't look at all like one). I was competing with another family for the guy's attention. They won. They had a young boy (middle school age?) who loved otters and was sad he couldn't see them in their cage (which was across from the cool looking civet relative). The zoo attendant called the two otters, and they appeared out of nowhere, ready to frolic. The boy was carrying around a stuffed otter and was told that the otters are fascinated by the toys so we all watched as members of the family played dolls with the otters (on opposite sides of the glass, of course). It was beyond adorable.

My favorite animals are the tamarins. They only had two (the other ones they'd had got old and are now gone) one was a cotton top and the other a golden lion. I have always maintained that they are the cutest animals in the world, but in the cage with one of them was three pigmy marmosets, and they might've stolen the title. They were so tiny and adorable. Tamarins and marmosets are in the same family, so the pigmy marmosets look like mini tamarins. I wish I could show you a picture, but I'm sure if you googled it you would see them and instantly fall in love.

We stayed at the zoo until it closed. At that point, we both needed to sit for a bit. Since it was time for dinner, that worked out well. Alice had picked dinner on Friday night, which meant I had to pick on Saturday. We went a little bit in the wrong direction to go to a Cracker Barrel! I know it's not everyone's favorite, but I love it. We'd not eaten much during the day so we both chose to have breakfast. Our waitress was a sweetheart, and the food, as always was delicious. When I eat breakfast there, I always get the same thing: eggs in a basket. With bacon, hash brown casserole, and diet Dr Pepper. It reminds me of my dad. It was my favorite thing he cooked (we called it "eggs-in-bread" but it's exactly the same). CB is the only place I get it other than when I make it myself. And, they always give you a real maple syrup, if you ask, to put on my bacon (which is WHY I get the bacon)!

Yeah. I enjoyed my meal. I think Alice did too, so my choice was okay!

After food, it was off to Providence, which was the reason we were in RI to begin with. We went to see WaterFire. Have you heard of it? Several nights a year, Providence sets its rivers on fire. When I first heard about this from my sister, years ago, I pictured them putting something in the water that turned the rivers flammable and lit them, making a river of fire. But that's not it at all. Instead, what happens is they have a line of braziers in the middle of the river. Well, three rivers, actually, it's where they meet. It's very hard to describe, but beautiful to see. Alice took a few pics (my camera still won't let me). Here's one of the circle of fire which was my favorite place.

Here's one of the fish sailing on the water (actually on poles on canoes and kayaks).

Pictures don't do it justice. It's an art piece really. There were people dancing with fire, drummers, a beautiful soundtrack (which I think changes each time?). The boats with volunteers adding logs to the fires was my favorite. If I lived close, I'd so volunteer to do that!

We hung out there for a few hours, then it was back to Boston. Fairly late. We stayed up even later talking.

So much so, that we slept late on Sunday. Sunday was a lovely rainy day. We went back to the place that we failed to have breakfast at a few days earlier, and since it was the weekend, we got breakfast! We were also entertained by the people sitting next to us who had very strong opinions about superhero movies (and their writers and directors). I was proud of myself for not interrupting them. They were loud enough that I DID play Figure Out Their Life Story (warning: that's what happens when you're very loud in a restaurant).

After our delicious French toast, it was back to Alice's for more media and conversation. Our conversations are far more varied and interesting than the guys who'd been sitting next to us. We have the kind of talks that keep you thinking days later: politics, gender issues, sexuality, life, the list goes on. I feel energized for days after these.

Monday was more sedate. Alice worked all day, and the cleaners were in her apartment cleaning, so I hung out in her sunroom writing the first half of this post. I also got laundry done (yay laundry).

In the late afternoon, I went into Boston (I drove to the T and trained in, first time I'd driven my car since I'd gotten to Alice's!) I met up with a friend at Max Brenner's. I'd not been before. It's a chocolate place that also serves food. I ate way too much. I think the desert I had was meant for two, but I finished most of it myself (Waffles, with dark chocolate, cherries, choco pops, whipped cream, chocolate ice cream, and ganache sauce. I had it without the pistachios. Huge, expensive, delicious.

After dinner and dessert, we went back to her place and hung out for a bit, getting filled in on our lives. She had awesome pics of a recent party that had baby animals visiting for everyone to play with. Omg, so cute.

Returning to Alice's was very bittersweet. Last night was our last night together. We stayed up late talking even though we were both exhausted and Alice needed to get up early in the morning. We just didn't want to say goodbye. Finally, we got to a point where neither of us could keep our eyes open, so we said goodnight and goodbye. :-(

This morning Alice got up early, and I said a sleepy goodbye, then went back to sleep. It was very late before I forced myself up. I repacked, got everything into the car and drove to the airport. After arriving I left to find a Dunkin' Donuts and finally get some breakfast (late lunch?).

After eating I found my way to the airport's cell lot. It says there's a 30min maximum wait time, but I've been here over an hour already, and still have about an hour to go (I mixed up Scott's arrival time in my head). So that's where I am, right now. Waiting for Scott.

I have no internet here, so when we get someplace that I do, I'll proof and post this. Sorry for the length. But at least I'm now caught up!
Sunday, September 13th, 2015
2:57 pm
Our Friday Was Awesome
Most of this post was written on Saturday, though I finished it on Sunday. Thought I'd let you know,because I left the date references confusing:

I was going to wait a few days before writing my next post, but yesterday was pretty awesome so I wanted to write about it.

We started the day in typical Alice/Ivy mode. We've been joking that due to a clear lack of testosterone we can never decide anything. And this was no different. We finally decided to get a late breakfast at a place Alice knew about. We'd figured out what we wanted, then found out we were too late for breakfast and needed to order lunch. A little sad since I'd had my eye on the brioche French toast, but I enjoyed the sandwich I wound up with instead.

So there's this thing I do. I don't realize I do it until someone points it out to me, and then I notice that I do it all the time. I talk to people. All the time. My mom doesn't understand why people always remember me, I always say it's the purple hair, but really, that's probably only half of it. For example, when our waitress came to take our order, she was the third one to talk to us. We mentioned this to her (we just thought it an amusing observation) and she kinda scowled at us. So I told her I liked her necklace (I did, it was lovely), and she stopped scowling at us. Later I found out it was her birthday, got to meet her daughter and husband (by accident, but I did get introduced). It was great. We all felt better when Alice and I left, than when we first encountered her. It's what I do. It's not calculated or fake, I just like people, and I like talking to them. (The other day we got sandwiches at a Subway like place and I chatted with our sandwich maker for so long it almost felt like he was flirting with me, which is ridiculous as I'm old enough to be his mom!)

Anyway, after "brunch" we went back to Alice's to try and figure out what we should do with the rest of our day. This took a long time. We are bad at this. Really. Eventually, we came up with the idea of a boat ride. With more research, we decided to go on a sunset cruise on a schooner type sail boat. I can't tell you how happy I am that this is what we decided to do!

First, we took the T into town (Boston's transit line, for those confused. In other worlds, the subway). The first train was a breeze, but the second was a bit harrowing. Turns out rush hour in the city, on a train, when short and carrying a cane, can be scary. We couldn't get on the first train because it was too crowded. We waited for the second one, I got on but Alice almost didn't! I got pushed way into the car, so getting off at the next stop was equally difficult. I had visions of us getting separated and winding up at different stations having no idea how to find each other. Luckily, that didn't happen. Once we were safely out of the station we wandered around the city for a bit. Watched the seals at the aquarium, watched people on the docks.

And then came the boat ride. The boat was beautiful. The sunset was short, but awesome. It was so much fun. We'd read some reviews, that were unfavorable because the reviewer was upset they weren't getting a guided tour, and more upset that the captain asked for tips for the crew at the end, because he felt they didn't do anything to deserve it.

That guy was not me. We were asked to help hoist the sails, so I did! I'm sure I was of no actual help (many people were helping), but I did get a free soda out of it! But then came the even better part. I asked questions. So many questions. I talked to a few people, but I think it was the captain that I talked to the most. They use the boat as a hostel! (Cheapest rooms in Boston, so we are told!) and they do cruises in the Bahamas during the winter. And people can book a cruise for any portion of their trip on the way from Boston down to the Bahamas!! It takes a week to get from Boston to New York! Omg, I wish I could do this. They sail in a race when they get to hmm, I think it was the Virginias. Arg! This is so cool! If you help out (you don't have to if you're a paid passenger) you can be included in the watch schedule. It's four hours on, eight hours off. I would do this in a heartbeat!

I found out lots of other things as well. Like I said, I had an awesome time. I think Alice went along more for my sake then hers, but in the end enjoyed it as much as I did!

After the boat ride we took a walk on the park that now exists due to the Big Dig. It's beautiful. And there is a new art installation that was just amazing. It's like a giant spider web attached to two or three buildings, lit up in a way that I can't describe other than to say it was beautiful. The story behind it was told on plaques in the park. It was clear that only a local who lived through The Big Dig, could have designed and explained it in such away. I tried to take a picture, but my phone is doing that thing where it thinks it's too full to take any pics, despite me deleting a bunch. Very frustrating. It means there's things I can't show you. But really, this should be seen, not described, so really, you should go to Boston, walk on the Rose Kennedy Greenway near South Station, and look up. Worth it.

Alice's phone DOES work, it turns out she took a photo, so here it is, curtesy Alice:

This gives you an idea of what it's like. It changes colors, and it's scale doesn't come through in a photo, really needs to be seen!

Our train ride home was much less fraught.

Alice picked dinner (as I've mentioned before, we are bad at this, so this is a big thing) at a sushi place since it was Friday (which I'd totally forgotten by then). It was a strange tiny place with not terribly expensive and very good food.

Back at the house, we kept up our nautical theme by watching The Pirates! Band of Misfits, which I'd loved in the theatre, but despite the early hour (for us) I couldn't stay awake. Neither could Alice. It made good material for a fever dream. We crashed at about midnight (since we'd been staying up until three or four in the morning, this was pretty early.)

Like I said, awesome day.

Most of this post was written on Saturday, but I just finished it on Sunday. Yesterday (Saturday) was an equally awesome day, but this is long enough. Tomorrow (Monday) I will write up Saturday's and today's events. Something to look forward to!
Friday, September 11th, 2015
8:37 am
Labor Day Weekend, And Beyond
My break wound up longer than I'd intended. Sorry..

Keeping up with my trip down Syracuse memory lane, I'm into my "Hanging Out With Alice" portion of the trip. I met Alice my first week at SU. We became best of friends and have stayed that way ever since then.

Hanging with Alice so far has meant a lot of late nights up talking, watching hella movies, eating Dunkin' Donuts, some alone time, dining experiments, and so far, one museum day. In other words, awesome times!

Today I'm in a library while Alice is at a meeting. This has turned out to not be quite as good an idea as I'd initially thought. THERE ARE NO COMFY CHAIRS HERE! I am spoiled by my library at home that has couches and comfy chairs and lots of them. I keep moving around here trying to find someplace to sit that doesn't hurt my back. I've just settled in the corner on the floor. Hopefully I won't get in trouble, and will be able to stand again.

Instead of telling you everything we've been doing in the last several days, I'll just hit the highlights.

The biggest of those was going to The Museum of Science, or as it's known by people in the know, MOS. I worked there for several years, so going back is always bittersweet. Things change. A lot. We got there kinda late (we stopped at the ORIGINAL Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, first). The plan was to spend an hour at the Pixar special exhibit (why we were there) then an hour in the museum proper, then it would be time for our Omni show. This is not what happened. The Pixar exhibit was too much fun. We totally lost track of time and only left because we realized that we were about to miss our Omni show. I can't recommend this exhibit enough. If you're in the area: GO. SEE IT!

The Omni movie was about whales and was very interesting. Coming out of the theatre I watched the projectionist work for a bit. That's what I used to do (projectionist, not watching the projectionist). I'd started as an Omni usher, and eventually switched to projecting. Everything is different now. There were things there that I didn't recognize at all. Some I could figure out, some I could not. But the thing that freaked me out the most, was realizing that the projectionist working there might not have been born yet, when I last worked there. Talk about feeling old!

Much of the rest of my time in Boston has been spent reading (read a great book), or watching movies. We've been introducing each other to our favorite movies and TV shows. It's exactly what you'd expect me to be doing. Some great stuff.

The above was written on Wednesday. Thursday was a massive movie day. We saw two movies in the theater, and two at home.

We've been talking well into the night, so when we say goodnight to each other I'm too tired to write, in the morning, by the time I'm coherent, we're off doing things. In other words, writing has become difficult. Because of this, I'm not sure when I'll post again. Scott is CA. He's talking today at Porterville College, and tomorrow at Mill Valley Library. If either are near you, you should go! He joins me again on Tuesday. I expect I'll have more time and more interesting things to post then. Alice and I have big plans for tomorrow. If we succeed, I'll try and write them up asap.

I'm more sleep than awake right now. So I'll attempt to proof and post this. Let me know if you catch any mistakes. I'm too tired to do a good job, but I'm so late, I just wanna get this up...
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
10:44 pm
Wednesday! September 2nd!
Let's see, big excitement for today was changing hotels. We have moved a few miles closer to the airport. That's because Scott flies back to CA tomorrow morning. I'm staying in the Boston area and playing with friends. Or invading their lives, depending on how you look at it.

We hung out in the morning hotel as long as we could, then we went to a mall (I had to mail something very important, and the mall was next door to the post office). We ate lunch, managed to buy me a new steering wheel cover—since the one I had was falling apart, and spent time in The Container Store, since it looked like a place we needed to explore.

Then we moved into this hotel. I spent much of my time talking to Winter, which was much fun (and my mom, who called while Windy and I were talking).

Then we went to Kowloon's for dinner. It's hard to describe Kowloon's. It's one of those places. It's huge and ridiculous. It's a Chinese restaurant. The food's pretty good. We ordered only one dish and an appetizer for the two of us, and had leftovers of both.

Since it was our last night together for a while, it was decided that ice cream should be had again. We really loved the place Scott's mom took us to last night, so, we found it again and went there. Once we had our ice cream, we hung out watching people play mini-golf. We are an old married couple. This is our idea of fun.

Then I had to take my life in my hands once again, and drive us back to our hotel. It is a rather harrowing experience. We made it back safely. As this was not guaranteed, I was pretty proud of myself.

Back in the room I started writing this. As I've been writing, a very loud fight broke out in the hall. We had to call the front desk. It sounded bad. Someone came up to deal with it, and it has now gone quiet.

Which brings me to now. Tomorrow I will be sans Scott. Adventures await!
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015
10:10 pm
It's Tuesday! September 1st!
Today was laundry day. But, believe it or not, that was not the most exciting thing we did today! The most exciting thing today was going to visit Scott's mom, Pat. She lives in this wonderful senior community, and these days we tend to visit her there. Today, however, she wanted to go out. So we picked her up and drove a ways away to a lovely restaurant on the water. Good food, beautiful view.

Pat is 92 (Scott says she's turning 93 this month, but he's gotten the years wrong before, so I'm not positive). I was at her 90th birthday party, and it was two (or three?) years ago, so I know she's at least 92. Thing is, I would never have believed she was that old if I didn't actually know it. She's a bit slower these days, and words sometimes get lost, but wow. I hope I'm that sharp when I hit 70 (if I make it that far)!

She did an amazing job of directing me through a very roundabout route to the restaurant, and then back again a totally different route. I was impressed. Then we went to an ice cream parlor and had delicious ice cream with portions so big I only ate half (I saved the other half for later).

From ice cream, it was back to Pat's place. She had Scott sign the copy of The Sculptor that she had donated to the community's library, then we hung out in her apartment and chatted and looked at very old pictures of the family. They were really old pictures, some of Scott young, but then there were pictures of the family before Scott was born (he's the youngest of four), and even pics of Scott's dad as a baby! Pretty amazing.

I remembered to rescue my ice cream from Pat's freezer before we left, though it was all melted by the time we got back to our hotel. :-(

Back at the hotel, ennui set in, and Scott and I did little more than play games on our devices. Eventually, we did laundry. And found out the hotel was serving basically a free dinner, so we ate! After the food I ate my melted and refrozen ice cream. Very weird, but still delicious.

Then I wrote a blog post. This one, in fact. Which catches you up on today's events.
Monday, August 31st, 2015
10:09 pm
Monday! End of August
Look! It's Monday, and I'm posting about Monday! Go me!

This morning we woke early and drove to almost Boston, where Kurt Busiek happened to be for a few more hours, which we spent together eating brunch. I have known Kurt exactly as long as I've known Scott (having met them together at Syracuse, it really has been a trip all about SU).

It's always good to catch up with Kurt. We don't see him nearly enough these days. And Scott finally got him a copy of The Sculptor (Kurt was one of his kibitzers).

After a lovely few hours with Kurt, we had time to kill before our room in the next hotel would be ready. In a spur of the moment decision, we decided to go to the deCordova (a museum with a 30 acre sculpture garden and a several floor museum.

We spent more time in than out since it was way too hot out. The museum had an exhibit about walking art, which was fascinating. A whole lot to think about. I love art that makes you think.

We did walk a bit in the sculpture garden. There was a piece by Sol LeWitt! A few days ago, I'd never heard of him. Now I'm obsessed! Here's a picture of me (with sunglasses and my cane) standing in front of his sculpture:

And here's a picture of my favorite sculpture. It's by Richard Rosenblum, and it's called Venusvine. It's made out of bronze not vines! I kept calling it "I Am Groot," it made me happy.

After the museum, we checked into our hotel and just hung out for a bit. I got to talk to Winter about her first day of classes (stressful) and her roommate (awesome). It was good.

On our way to the hotel we had passed a Noodles & Company, which is a restaurant that Scott and I love, so we decided to go there for dinner. When we got there we discovered that it was still being built! No food there! But we had passed Jordan's Furniture, a Boston institution, that we hadn't been to in decades. We knew they had to have some kind of food (picture IKEA on crack), so we decided to go there. They had a Fuddruckers! I love Fuddruckers! We ate there, then wandered around the furniture until they kicked us out. It made up for Noodles & Company not being there!

All in all, a great day. Except for the fact that I just realized Monday is laundry day, and today was Monday, and I didn't do laundry. And I'd thought about it, but for some reason I thought tomorrow was laundry day. Aren't you looking forward to tomorrow's post now?
Sunday, August 30th, 2015
11:55 pm
All The Days I Missed
Yeah, I know. I've been pretty absent lately. I blame it on the internet, or lack thereof? Sort of?

I believe my last post was on Wednesday. So let's start on Thursday. For the sake of brevity, let's not do a detailed day-by-day.

Thursday and Friday were all about Winter and Syracuse (Winter, our daughter, not the season, even though the season is what most people associate with Syracuse). Scott had his last game of Settlers of Catan with Winter and her new roommate and a friend of said roommate's. And Scott and I spent a lot of time wandering the campus (much of it with some guy who was also an alumni moving his son in). We visited all the theatres we used to show movies in. It was a bit melancholic for me. It was very much another time and place.

There was also a convocation welcoming the new students. We watched. It was my very first time in the dome. Weird. There was a picnic bbq on the quad that Scott and I went to, but Winter didn't. Which was just wrong, but, whatever.

Friday we got to campus early to go to a parent meeting for parents of first year education majors. I'm glad we went. Winter had meetings at the same time and much later. We were supposed to be off-campus by noon, but by noon we'd still not seen our daughter to say goodbye! So we cheated and took her out to lunch, showed her a few things on campus, said goodbye, and left.

I think Scott and I were both feeling off kilter from the last few days so we just drove around for a bit. We passed my old dorm (Winter is now living in Scott's old dorm), then found the nearby cemetery that we used to hang out in and wandered there for awhile. Then we left Syracuse.

It didn't feel the same as when we dropped her at SF State. Back then, we knew we weren't going to be that far away (except when we were traveling, but then we were away from everyone); like if she needed rescuing, I could drive there in about six hours, or fly in 30min (with flights about every hour). But now she's out of reach. When we get back home it's a five day drive of a five hour flight (if one can be gotten). Even though, right now I'm sitting maybe 3 or 4 hours away, she feels like this time she's really gone. I've been sad today. I texted her early, and she let me know that she was too busy to deal with me until Friday!

Anyway, our SU portion of the trip ended with more SU reminiscing. Friday, after the cemetery, we drove to my friend and ex-SU roommate, Mel's! She was the very first person I met when first moved in to Syracuse, and was one of the best roommates I've ever had. She and her husband David live in the most amazing house. David was a stumpy at SU (meaning a forestry student), so he's uniquely qualified to build his own house. And Mel taught Home Ec for years and years, so the fact that she made an amazing dinner was not really a surprise, but amazing nonetheless! I am in awe of the two of them. They can do so many things I can't even dream of. And their daughter is a sweetheart. After dinner we got to see pics of a recent vacation. It was a great evening.

And since they put us up for the night, the morning was also filled with amazing food and great conversation. I can't imagine a better way to end our trip to New York.

From their house, it was on to Mass MOCA. We'd been hear about it for ages (they'd called Scott for advice when it was still in the planning stages), but this was our first visit. It's in North Adams, which is not close to anything, in an old factory. We both loved it. I think my favorite might have been the Sol LeWitt exhibition. It was on three different floors, and it was mind boggling. I could've spent hours staring at any given piece (I DID spend a huge amount of time). Here's a tiny part of one of the brighter colored pieces:

And here's the birds that I think I might've seen before, but they're really cool, and Scott and I found the secret place to watch them (not sure who the artist is):

From the museum we went to our secret hotel where we spent last night and are about to spend tonight. Our dinner at Friendly's was marred by them no longer carrying Scott's favorite ice cream. :-(

Today was all about sleeping late. Then seeing Ricki And The Flash. I enjoyed the movie. Scott and I argued about it afterwards. It's not perfect, but mostly fun. I wish they didn't feel the need to sing every song in its entirety. I would've preferred if we only had to listen to a verse or so. And it felt unexplained in many ways. The best part might've been the older woman who took our tickets. She informed us that it was one of the best movies ever, and "yes, she really IS playing guitar and, yes, that Is her daughter." I loved how she didn't feel the need to tell us that Meryl was also singing.

After the movie it was a lazy day here at the hotel. Dinner at Boston Market, then back to the room to work on this post. I took time out of writing so we could watch People Places Things, which we both enjoyed. I'd write more about it but I want to post this so I can get to bed. Maybe I'll talk more about in tomorrow's post.

And I PROMISE there WILL be one!
Thursday, August 27th, 2015
10:45 pm
Wednesday 8/26/15
So yesterday was Move-Winter-Into-Syracuse Day! When we got back to the hotel we were exhausted, and I couldn't get the internet to work, so I decided to write this today instead. I'm sorry.

Anyway, yesterday started with us all getting up rather late. I think we needed the sleep, and since there wasn't free breakfast ending early, it seemed the thing to do.

The two things that had to happen were: Winter needed her meds, and our "move in" time was 2pm (to 5). So, a trip to CVS and a quick breakfast, and poof! We were ready to move in!

But it was noon. We'd made it to SU, but we now had two hours to kill. Winter decided that she needed ice cream. I'm not sure what this was all about, but it became an obsession. We went many places on a fruitless search. Finally, we went to yet another CVS and a pint was acquired. At this point we were close enough to 2:00pm that we got on line (a car line) to wait for our chance to unload. This was the time Winter needed to pick up keys and such, so ice cream was eaten very fast!

The actual move-in went very smoothly, and took barely any time. And her new roommate is adorable and has much in common with Winter. I think this one's a winner.

Here's a picture of her new most prized possession and a shot of it hung in it's place of pride in her new room, room first:

...and the prized possession up close:

After moving her in, we all went to get dinner at the dining hall closest to her. It's a pretty awesome dining hall. She was really impressed. I get the feeling she'll eat more food here then she did at San Francisco State. This makes me happy.

Eventually we went back to our hotel and to bed.
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015
11:19 pm
Tuesday 8/25/15
I've decided to stop counting days, mostly because I was getting too confused. Today is Tuesday.

This morning, we slept in and I had ice cream for breakfast. It had been melted and refrozen and was delicious. I've been noticing that I eat really badly when we're on the road. Not good for my weight, but very tasty.

In attempts to find my favorite donuts to add to the bad food I've been eating, we went searching for a Dunkin' Donuts that actually made them (my favorite are the "Chocolate Kreme"—yes, that's the correct spelling). In our search, we wound up not far from the first home I remember. It was our apartment in Irvington. I lived there until I was in third grade. We went to the apartment and met the woman who now lives there! I was tempted to ask her if we could look inside, but figured it would be too tacky, so I didn't. But we had a nice conversation.

That was about it for excitement. We drove to our next hotel, which took about four hours. I DID eventually get my Chocolate Kreme donut at a service plaza. It was very good. Very.

On the trip, we got to hear the two episodes of Mystery Show that we hadn't heard yet. They were just as great as the other four. (Did I tell you that because of the second episode we learned that Britney Spears lives in our neighborhood and goes to our mall? We had no idea!)

For dinner we had food delivered to our room so we didn't even go out, just spent time together (with Scott and Winter playing yet another game of Settlers of Catan!)

When we booked this trip, all the hotels near SU were sold out, so we're about 45 minutes away. Tomorrow we move Winter into her dorm, which was the reason for this first part of the trip. Tonight's our last night all together for awhile. Sky even called, so it was almost like having the whole family together. I will miss Winter terribly. I'm glad we got to spend time together this summer and this trip. I predict tomorrow will be rather emotional.
Monday, August 24th, 2015
10:15 pm
Days 8&9 Sunday & Monday
Sunday was all about Winter and me (as far as I was concerned). Windy and I got up early, ate a quick breakfast and walked to our third, and last, theatre of the weekend. We weren't as far up in the line as we'd hoped, but we weren't too bad (about 10th in line?). Winter was exhausted so she slept on my lap for a bit while I wrote part of Saturday's blog post.

We were waiting for rush ($35!) tickets for Something Rotten. Neither of us had high hopes for the show, but Christian Borle is in it (he won a Tony this year for his performance). We love Christian Borle. Scott and I had seen him in Spamalot, and despite a cast full of actors we adore, he was our favorite in that play, even though we had no idea who he was at the time. We found out who he was when we saw him in the televised production of Legally Blonde where we adored him again. So we've been following his career. Winter really wanted to see him. More than she wanted to see the show. We were worried he wouldn't be at our performance, but he was. Yay!

When we finally got our tickets, we got seats in the first row, on the side.

After getting the tickets, we had time to kill. I chose not to walk us back to the hotel (where Scott had checked us out and was dealing with email in the lobby instead of joining us). Instead, we found a bench, sat, and played Broadway quizzes on Winter's phone. We are very good at them.

Then it was time for the show. It was a lot of fun. Not really a great play, but the actors were all wonderful. And the show references so many other musicals (most of which were in the quizzes we'd been doing right before) that Winter and I had a great time. I don't know that I can unreservedly recommend the show, but we were glad we saw it.

After the show we walked back to our hotel for the last time, picked up Scott and our car and drove to Elmsford. Getting out of NYC was much easier than getting in had been (it being Sunday)!

After checking into the new hotel, we drove off to Tarrytown, right near where Scott used to live, to meet up with Scott's editor Mark and his lovely wife Siena for dinner. The food was great and the company better. Wonderful end to the day.

When we got back to the room we were so tired we went right to sleep.

I was gonna do another post about today, but all we did today was go to two malls in White Plains to eat in their food courts. It was ridiculous. One for lunch, the other for dinner, with us going to a laundromat in between to do laundry. Not an exciting day to write about. Many games of Settlers were played. I wrote a lot.

I am now caught up. Tomorrow night (hopefully) I will post about tomorrow.
12:56 pm
Day Seven—Saturday NYC and Broadway
I promised today would be more interesting, and boy was I right!

We all got up very early this morning, ate a very quick breakfast, and walked to the Ethel Barrymore Theatre where The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night was playing. Scott went first 'cause he's faster than Winter and I. Despite being there way before we were told to be there, we were still fifth in line. We had fun hanging out, waiting for the few hours until the box office opened. When it did, there were two lines, one for evening and one for the matinee. We got on the matinee line, and were now second! Needless to say, we got the seats we'd hoped to get; not perfect (slightly obstructed) but good.

(The above was written last night, I was too tired to finish—you'll understand why at the end—so I'm finishing this now while in line for today's show.)

After getting our tickets, it was a walk back to the hotel. The hotel was about 12 short blocks and two long ones away. This means it feels stupid to cab it, but it's still a sizable walk. At the hotel, I crashed for a bit while Scott and Winter played yet another game of Settlers.

When it was time, we walked back to the theatre (I brought my cane, walking was taking its toll). There was a thing with the handicapped bathroom, which led me to walking down lots of stairs (long story). Our seats were in one of the the boxes, and since no one showed up for the seats next to us we were able to move to much less obstructed views!

The show was just as amazing and awesome in NYC as it had been in London. So very good. I HIGHLY recommend it! The set and spectacle make the show worth it, alone. But the play itself is haunting. Beautiful.

After the show, it was yet another walk to the hotel. We stopped at Macy's for dinner, then back to our room. Scott, sweet man that he is, decided I'd done enough walking and decided we'd get to theatre number two by cab. There was some tension as I wanted to leave asap since I needed to pick up tickets. We got a cab fairly quickly, but traffic was ridiculous. We finally got to a street fair that closed off the road we were on. We got out of the cab and ran the last nine blocks. We made it in time, but not as early as I'd wanted. But there was enough time for me to go to the bathroom (important in a show that has no intermission). On the other hand, boy was I hurting by this point.

Fun Home is a wonderful show. The music is great and the story and cast are amazing. I've read the book, and was impressed with how they turned it into a play. Winter declared it her favorite show ever! I'm not sure if it's my absolute favorite, but it's very high up there. I'd see it again in a heartbeat. I know I just said this about Curious Incident, but really, if you get a chance to see it, GO!!

While waiting for the show to start, Winter and Scott argued about whether more of the audience had or had not read Alison Bechdel's graphic novel, so we did an informal survey of the people seated near us. Several had read the book, and several had no idea that it was based on something. More had read the book than Scott had predicted, so Winter won that argument. Though we all agree it was a flawed survey for many reasons.

After the show I went to buy a t-shirt. While I was on line, the actors who played the two younger Alisons and one of the brothers were hanging out in the lobby. Winter got to talk to them, and Scott took this wonderful picture.

I was busy buying my shirt so I had to watch from afar, but I did get to tell them how awesome they were as we were leaving.

You would think our night was over then, but you would be wrong! It was back to the hotel where Scott and Winter played yet another game of Settlers of Catan. Oy. (As I write this, now on Monday, they are playing yet again)

Then at about eleven thirtyish, Scott and I walked yet again to Times Square to see an almost midnight art installation thingy that took over many of the big vid screens in the square. It was cool, but not as cool as I'd hoped? We did get soft serve ice cream at a truck, and that was cool (in more ways than one, haha).

We got to walk, yet again, back to the hotel where we just crashed. Hence this being so late.

Gonna post this (finally) then write up Sunday's post and post it later today. My post for today (Monday) will hopefully go up late tonight, but I expect it will be short.
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
12:49 am
Day Six- Friday NYC!
We made it! Well, to NYC anyway. I wish I had some awesome stories to tell, but most of today was spent driving. Let's see... Big event on the drive was when our flat tire idiot light went on. We were far from anywhere. It took a bit before there was an exit. When it came, there was no gas station. We had to go another ten miles with the light still on. The next exit had two gas stations! Neither of which had air pumps. But we did get out to at least look at the tires to see if any looked low. They didn't. When I started the car again the light blinked a few times then went off and stayed off. When stopped to get gas ten or so miles later, I didn't even bother to check the air (even though that station actually HAD air!).

That, and the hour and a half it took to drive the last three miles of our journey, were it for excitement.

Until we got to our hotel. I pulled up in front of the hotel, Scott brought some of our bags in and found out where I should park. While I was waiting in the car for him to find out, a cab pulled in behind me leaving me almost no room to get out. I figured he'd just pull out when his fares left and I could back out. But he didn't. It was like he was waiting for me, even though he had left me only about four inches between us! When I realized he wasn't gonna move, and the guy in the BMW in front of me was also waiting on me, I started inching back. The cabbie tried to assist by helpfully getting out of his cab, walking over to me and yelling at me for being a terrible driver. Which I'm not. I'm an excellent driver, so I told him he was full of it. There was yelling, and cursing, and a guy across the street who joined in (on my side). It was pretty awesome! It ended with my cheering section (the guy across the street) saying "Fuck yeah!" So I think I won. Winter admitted she would've cried if someone yelled at her like that. I said he was a jerk, so it didn't bother me at all. And the guy egging me on was great.

All in all it felt like a resounding "Welcome to New York!"

After we parked and got our room, we walked to two of the theatres that we are hoping to rush for tickets in the next two days. Then it was a touristy diner for dinner, and back to our room. Scott is already asleep (we plan on waking very early tomorrow to try to get tickets). I'm going to join him as soon as I post this.

Tomorrow will be much more interesting! In the meantime, here's the only picture I took today. It's the view from our hotel window:
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