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It's amazing how much you can do in a weekend if you really put your mind to it.

This past weekend was one of those weekends which, when it was all over and you look back on it, you just think, "wow, I did all that?!" Admittedly, part of it was that, for me, the weekend lasted four days, so I guess that helped.

We did stuff! So you get a bunch of reviews of a whole lot of cool things, most of which you won't be able to see. Um...sorry?

Friday is New Movie Day and this past Friday the movie In Time opened. I really wanted to see it, but no one else in the family did, so I snuck off to a matinee while Winter was in school and Scott was at work.

Here is my relatively spoiler free review:
Scott was under the impression that I wanted to see it because Matt Bomer was in it. This is not true. I saw the trailer and thought, "ooo, this looks cool. Wait. Is that Matt Bomer? It is! Wow, even cooler!" From the trailer I also knew that he wasn't going to have a very big part. I was right.

I liked the movie. I didn't love it, but I had a good time. The biggest thing about the movie is that you can't think about it. During the movie, I would stop myself and just think, "let it go, let it go" because I knew if I stopped to think about it, a whole lot of things would not make any sense. It's an allegory for what's going on in our economy and it's interesting (to me anyway) as such. But... the actual sf/f elements to it make no sense. There are all these loopholes. Like, Why is this the way the world works? Is this supposed to be us in the future? I could go on, but some of my questions would be spoilers, and there are a lot of them. Basically, if you're willing to suspend your disbelief, then it can be a fun movie. It's not a great movie, but it is a fun one. I was also impressed by the fact that I didn't hate the semi bad guy. I like it when you can see more than one side of a conflict, Cillian Murphy did a really good job.

I'm glad I saw it. Probably best that I saw it alone, as I don't know that any member of my family would've enjoyed it as much as I did.

Friday night was Game Night. Small, but fun.

Saturday Night, Scott, Winter and I decided to see the choral show at Winter's high school. [There are only a few days left to vote for them in the Glee contest. If I haven't mentioned it here, or I did, and you didn't check it out, please do now. Voting is only open until the 7th, you can vote once every day. If they win the money, they want to buy a nice piano. I just checked, they've moved all the way down to 6th place right now, so they could really use your vote (they had been in at least 4th place for a while). End PSA]

The choral show was wonderful. I am in awe of the talent there. There were several different choruses performing and they were all great. The show started with part of the first chorus standing in the theatre in front of the audience, they sang a few lines and then the rest of the group came slowly down the aisles singing until they filled the whole house. It sent chills. Really beautiful. And that wasn't even the group on the Glee vid. All the groups were great and the Jazz Choir (which is the one in the vid) performed several songs including the Coldplay song. So. Very. Good.

I would tell everyone they should go see the show, but there were only two performances and we saw the second one. I highly recommend going to see next semester's show if you live around here. There's always something in every show to blow you away.

The show was made even better by the fact that when we went to buy tickets, the person selling them had just gotten some back and decided to give us ours, so we hadn't even paid! Then we went to grab a very quick dinner at KFC, where we wound up getting free food! (not all of it, just a little).

Then we went to the $3.00 movie theatre to see One Day which I had wanted to see. I think I liked it more than Scott, I know Winter liked it, but I'm not sure how much? It wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be. I was expecting more Same Time Next Year, and it wasn't. STNY is about a couple who meet once a year on the same day and we see a few of those days, but not all. One Day was about what these two people do on this day every year. They see each other at other times, but we only see a tiny bit of each year. I think this one did not get great reviews. I don't know if this is true. I rarely read reviews (they always give away too much of the plot). Scott said the biggest complaint was that the book was better (Scott does read reviews). That doesn't surprise me. That's frequently the case. I didn't read the book, so I could enjoy it. Again, I liked the characters. Even the ones that are not shown in the best light.

For both movies that I saw this week, I found myself thinking about them later. If I do that, then it means I got something out of them. The true Ivy Test is if I would go see it again. I think both movies fall into the I-Would-Gladly-Go-With-You-To-See-This-Movie-Again category, as opposed to the I-Love-This-Movie-So-Much-I-Plan-On-Seeing-Again-Even-If-I-Have-To-Go-Alone category (there's also the I-Will-See-This-Over-And-Over-And-If-I'm-Not-Given-It-For-Birthmas-I-Will-Just-Bloody-Well-Buy-It-My-Self category but that's a special one).

We had a very cool Saturday.

Sunday night, Scott and I left Winter at home (her choice, we weren't being mean) and we went to the local haunted event Reign Of Terror (this was the night before halloween, remember). I had no idea what to expect. There used to be this theatrical thing that I'd go to every year which was put on by the local Kids/teen theatre company. I loved those shows. They were mostly teen actors and I would marvel at what they did. They've stopped doing them, but the Reign of Terror is sponsored by the same people, so I thought maybe they'd just moved to this new location since they'd long since lost the old one.

This was not the case. This was a haunted house. The special effects and set design were incredibly creepy and I was amazed at all that went into it. But, there was no story, and no theme. It was just a lot of rooms that you went through, almost maze like, and in every room someone/thing would pop up at you or make a loud noise or give you the evil eye. I had fun screaming. I wasn't really scared, though frequently startled. What fun is it for the actors if people don't scream?! So I did. I think Scott was amused at me. When we were waiting on line, we were told that nothing would touch you. Once you knew this, it kinda took the fear away.

I had a great time, and I'm really glad we went, but I liked the old theatrical performance/scary thing they used to do better. And the line to get in had been so long that when we were out and went to the other haunted event we had wanted to do, it was too late. Ah well, there's always next year.

Monday was Halloween day. Winter dressed up for school as winter. The season.

That night she went trick-or-treating with a friend. She turned her winter costume into a Corpse Bride costume. I love her brain.

While Winter was off with her friend, Scott and I ventured into Los Angeles where Neil (Gaiman) and Amanda (Palmer) were premiering their show together.

The concert was part of a Kickstarter so there were people who had contributed money to it. They got perks, like a meet and greet with Neil and Amanda before the show. Because we were friends, we got be included with the early part of the event. Things got started much later than they were supposed to. But eventually we were all brought in to the theatre and got to watch the sound check. After that they took us to this area backstage so that people could meet and talk to Neil and Amanda. We got to say hi, but for the most part talked to other friends of Neil's since we didn't want to be in the way of the people who paid money to meet them.

Then it was time for the show. It was the first time they had done the show and they did a costume contest beforehand (the prize went to two very awesomely creepy rabbits with fezzes. I was glad they won. They really creeped me out. *shudder*). Once the show actually started it was much later than planned. Unfortunately they HAD to be out of the theatre by a certain time, so in the end, a bunch of stuff that they'd planned to do had to be skipped. The only reason I knew this for sure was because things they said they were going to do at the sound check didn't happen, and then I confirmed it with Neil after the show. I don't think anyone watching the show would have known. The show flowed seamlessly from one thing to the next.

Amanda sang songs. Neil read short stories. Neil sang songs. The two of them sat and answered questions from the audience. A surprise song that Amanda sang to Neil for his birthday. More songs. More stories. And then a standing ovation followed by a short encore.

Most of the stories and songs were familiar to me. I loved the stories that were told before things. Neil sings much better than he thinks he does (I loved his songs) and Amanda's new Ukulele song is great, possibly made better by the ukulele drama that proceeded it. All in all a wonderful night.

After the show we met up with people we knew, which is always fun (before the show we spent most of our time with the woman who did the DVD extras for Coraline, we'd not met her before and had fun sharing stories). We talked for a long while (if you're reading this: you guys really should come to Game Night! Seriously) until Neil and Amanda's line was done, then we were beckoned back stage where we got a few minutes alone with Neil. Which felt like old times. It's been awhile. Life's been busy. The last time I spent any time with Neil in a small setting was during his birthday party last year. He had lots of people there he needed to be spending time with, and I was too busy freaking out because Scott was in the hospital so it wasn't exactly quality time.

When Neil's birthday happens this year, Scott and I will be in Ireland (well, mostly we'll be in the air coming back from Ireland). I don't expect I'll manage to wish him a happy then, so I'm doing it now.

Happy birthday Neil! I hope it's wonderful. And I truly hope that I have a happier Neil's birthday this year than I did last.

Last year, at Neil's party, the highlight for me was meeting John Hodgman an Jonathan Coulton and seeing Ellen Kushner again. In a weird bit of something, Ellen was almost in our area last weekend. We didn't get out there to see her, which made me sad. Neil and Amanda came closer, and we got to see them. Tonight, John Hodgman is speaking in LA, and we are sadly missing that (a friend of ours will be there, hopefully she'll say hi for us) and right after we get back from Ireland I'm going with some friends to see Jonathan Coulton opening up for They Might Be Giants. It's like we were all in the same area a year ago, and now they're all coming here.

There was no point to that last paragraph other than I thought it was interesting. Chances are, I'm the only one who does. Sorry.

On Tuesday Scott spoke at LACC (Los Angeles City College). The building next to the one he was speaking in was called Holmes Hall. I know Sherlock is a fictional character and the building likely has nothing to do with him, but I'm obsessed with all things Sherlock these days, so it made me happy. Unfortunately the building was closed, and it would have been bad form to try to sneak in, so its depths shall remain a mystery to me.

The talk went well. Scott's talks are always evolving and always interesting. You get a chance to see him, you really should.

So that was my weekend. Or five days. Or whatever. It took five days to live, and three days to write about it. And now we are back to Friday and I likely have a busy weekend ahead, followed immediately by a trip out of the country.

Today, is November 4th. It's my sister Pam's birthday (was her birthday?). I don't believe in heaven, I don't really believe in life after death, but I wish I did so that I could believe that she was in a better place. This last year has been one hell of a year. But Pammy, if you can hear me, I hope you're happy. I'm thinking about you.
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