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Do you know what day today is?

Wow, it's been over a month since I've been here. The holidays kept me very busy! 12 Nights of Birthmas is not easy. Then there was a show that Winter was in and I was Stage Managing (a really awesome production, one of the best shows I've ever worked on). Plus the girls were around more than normal. What I'm trying to say here is that I've been really busy, and since I seem to only be able to write when it's quiet, the writing has fallen off.

I have three posts I want to write.

I promised Alice I would do a post about all the movies I've seen (I saw FIVE (5!) on my birthday, and a few more since, and then there were the ones that I saw before then...). I have a lot to say about movies. And TV shows. It really needs to be its own post.

This Birthmas was unusual. Usually, I get DVDs for most of my gifts. There's also the underwear from my mom (I get upset if I don't get it, Mom knows that), a puzzle or two so that we have something to put together on New Year's (this year there were three, we've got the biggest of them being put together on our dining table, if you want to come help...), maybe a book, a gift card that used to be from Borders but is now from iTunes, and then a mix tape (Scott thinks I shouldn't call them mix tapes since they are CDs) from Sky. I guess this is all I need to be happy, since I rarely ask for something else. This year was no exception as for what I wanted. I asked for three things: Captain America, X-Men: First Class and the complete 2nd Series of the BBC's Sherlock. I got them all. Unlike normal, though, the only other DVD I got was the British TV series Spaced (Simon Pegg: SO VERY AWESOME). (Sherlock arrives next week: OMG Can Not Wait, I might do a whole post on that alone. Yes, I've seen it already, I have no remorse over that, I would've watched it legally if allowed to, and I had already bought the series on DVD before it even aired, so...)

This year, though, I got music. Lots and lots of music. No, I mean LOTS and LOTS of music. I think the final tally was Two LPs, five CDs and a DVD from Sky that had stuff that she thought I would like; about another six or seven albums worth. The total (not counting the album that I haven't figured out how to put on my computer yet) is over 15 hours of music. I don't think I've heard it all yet, but I think it's beyond time that I did a music post as well.

This post, however, is neither of those. This post is where I wish my parents a happy anniversary and where I thank Scott for marrying me, all those 24 years ago.

Twenty-four years. Twenty-four years ago, Scott and I went to this tiny apartment wherein lived a little old lady name Florence McGee (not sure of the spelling), who was a justice of the peace. With us were our friends Alice and Brian. Florence was very sweet and almost married me to Brian (Scott had forgotten the license so Alice had run him back to our apartment, and Brian and I walked in together). The whole thing struck me as funny, and I couldn't stop giggling for the whole ceremony. It was very embarrassing. I think it was mostly nerves.

We picked January 24th because it was my parents' anniversary and that way I'd never forget the date. Tonight we will have dinner with my parents, like we do every year. Afterwards, Scott and I will bring Winter back home and then go to a late movie, to have a "Just Us" kind of celebration. The problem with sharing the anniversary is that I think we both get just a bit short changed. My parents (who have been married 52 years as of today), only get a dinner in which they need to share the spotlight. 52 is far more impressive than 24. They deserve more. Scott and I miss the "Romantic Dinner" that is usually traditional, but then we try to get that at one of our other wedding anniversaries (we had three weddings).

Twenty-four years. That's of marriage, not how long we've known each other. I figured it out recently, Scott and I met when he was Sky's age and I was in between Sky and Winter's ages (I was 17, Scott 18) Next year, will be different. Next year it's our 25th, and maybe we can do something really special. If Scott is still working on The Book, then there probably won't be enough time to do something elaborate, but maybe we can have some fun. Ha! Maybe we could get married again.

You know, I'd do it. I'd marry Scott over and over again.

I might have not been able to stop giggling during that first wedding, but I think that was a good omen. It's been 24 years, and there are things about me and my life that I am not happy with. I wouldn't say there is nothing I would ever want to change. But. Marrying Scott? That I've not regretted for an instant. He can still make me laugh at inappropriate times, and I cannot think of a thing in my life that is not better because he is there.

Scott reads all my posts before I post them, but he has lots of work to do, so I'm trying to keep this very short to not take him away for too long. I'll end here by saying:

Thank you Scott for the last 24 years. They were awesome. I don't know that I would've survived this long if you'd not been around. I love you.
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