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The long awaited (by me, anyway) post about music

As we age, something happens. Life gets comfortable. We know what we know, and it's enough. Change is scary. It can be good scary, but it's still scary. The unknown is always nerve-wracking. It's unknown. We steadfastly hold on to the familiar. We are less likely to take chances.

There are big things that fall into this category: Do I want to look for another job that might challenge me more. Do I want to take the chance with this new person, is it safe. Do I want to get a pet. Etc.

Then there are the little things: Not trying new foods. Not going to new places. Etc.

I do it all the time. I think we all do.

That's what I used to do with music. I know I'm not alone in this because there are too many oldies stations out there. It's very easy to stick with the music that's familiar and safe. Sometimes we don't even realize we're doing it. I don't think I did. I listened to all kinds of new music. Except that mostly what I was listening to was new music by old bands (nothing at all wrong with this, mind) or little bits of what my family would introduce me to. But, when I turned on the radio? It was pretty much the Broadway station or First Wave (which plays new wave music from around the '80s). I love this music. I always will. But when I turn on either of those channels, there's a 90-95% chance I can sing along with anything they play. This is the music I know and love.

But it's not the only music out there. There's really great music coming out all the time.

When we were on the tour, we all took turns playing "our" music. Everyone had about an hour, give or take, to control the music, then the control would pass to the next person. On heavy driving days we might even get a second turn. We would play CDs or the radio, or playlists off of iPods or laptops. We all were forced to listen to each others' music. Sometimes the girls wouldn't appreciate what a gift this was and they'd put on headphones and ignore the car music in favor of their own.

I got introduced to a bunch of new music on the road, but when it was my turn, I usually played a Broadway show CD or listened to one of my 2 favorite stations on the radio (because it was satellite radio I could build up a memory while someone else had their turn, then I could skip the songs I didn't care about. I was awesome).

All in all, even with the education I was getting on new music from Scott, Sky, and the odd person who would give us music at different appearances while we were on the road, I still was out of touch.

Then something happened. I can't tell you what. I really don't know. Maybe it was Sky stealing radio control away from me when we were driving to school. I don't know, but two things happened. First, I discovered the fact that you could program the radio to tell you when favorite artists were being played on a station other than the one you were listening to, and second, I discovered that there are all sorts of other very cool stations playing music that was NEW.

And slowly I changed. A DJ that I really liked on First Wave was talking about being on another station, and I found her and the other station and I was hooked.

People. There is some really cool new music out there. It's very easy to just ignore it, and keep yourself safe (and a lot of my favorite music these days are things that could not be played when I was a kid), but if you do, then you miss out. We start to stagnate. Everything becomes old. We take longer to take chances. And we miss so much.

All of the above is probably why, this year for Birthmas instead of the lots of DVDs I usually get, I got a lot of music. So. Much. Music. And I love it ALL!

So I thought I'd share some of this with you. This is very hard for me. I have a lot to say and keep changing my mind on how to say it. I'm going to have to leave out a whole lot of music that I would love to share with you. I've also decided that, for the most part, I'm not going to link to any of it. Which is a stupid decision since we are talking about music and you should hear it, but this way you can go to iTunes or somewhere and listen to a bit of the songs and decide for yourself if you want to have them?

If I was making this post a year and a half ago I'd be telling you about Foster the People, Mumford and Sons, and Freelance Whales. By now you've probably heard of the first two and might even know the last, though I've not heard much from them in a long while. Those three bands stick together in my mind because; I love them, they were all at Coachella last year, and Sky videoed each of them for a minute or so for me when she saw them live there (She missed Good Old War or I would've gotten a minute of them too. Another awesome band). If you don't know them, check them out.

But for this post I want to talk about newer music. I like so much and I have to leave so much out, but there are some groups that I just need to talk about right now.

First there's what I think of as the "G" Music. I only noticed this because two of my favorite current bands are going to be at Coachella this year and they both start with the letter G, I then realized that the other band that fits in the same slot in my brain (my brain is a strange place, I can't explain why things fall together I just note that they do) also has a "G" in its name. Then I realized that there's yet another group I wanted to talk about ALSO started with a "G" and is going to be at Coachella!

First there's Young the Giant. The songs I've heard of theirs on the radio are My Body, Cough Syrup and Apartment. I now have the whole album (thanks to Sky) and it's worth listening to. My Body was the one that made me fall in love with them. I could (and have) listen(ed) to that song over and over and over.

The other "G" bands are all going to be at Coachella this year, and I wish I could see them. First there's Givers whose "big hit" was the song Up Up Up. Okay, this song? This song can cheer me up instantly. I can't be sad when it plays. It is filled with happy.

Then there's Grouplove. Grouplove's first song that I knew was Colours and it's really great. Then Sky gave me their album for Christmas. This might be the peppiest band ever. I mean that in a really good way. They have this song Naked Kids and it's just about hanging at the beach but, it's just so much FUN! Sky saw the group open for someone awhile back (before they had any songs playing on the radio) and she loved them. She has this awesome picture of her with the band, since she and her friends got to meet them. She says that they are as awesome as their music.

The other "G" band is really a guy. His name is Gotye (pronounced Go-tee-ay)(that's my version, I'm not doing proper phonetics here). When Scott and I went to Australia last year, one of the other people performing at the festival that Scott was talking at was Gotye. We got to see him. He put on a great show. There were a bunch of people performing with him and there was a screen with animation that had been made for the show. It was very cool. It was also in the biggest of the theatres at the Sydney Opera House. And it was sold out. Twice. He was very popular and we'd never heard of him. During one song, a singer came out and the audience went even more wild. Scott and I felt like we were in some Twilight Zone in that we clearly did not know this guy that was a mammoth star. At the End of Festival party, Scott and I asked a local person about the show. We found out all sorts of things about Gotye. We asked if the girl who had come on during that one song that everyone went crazy for was also huge and were told, no, she's just the girl in the video of that song, and since she's naked in it, people recognize her.

So of course Scott and I had to find the video. It's pretty cool and she's very tastefully naked. Here, go check it out. He's naked too (though you don't really see anything, it's probably not work safe).

We liked him enough that we bought the CD for Sky. Within a month or two of our trip out there, suddenly, he was getting played all over! You likely have heard the song somewhere in the last few months. Sky didn't get to come with us to Australia, and one of the things I was sad she missed was seeing that concert, but she IS going to Coachella, and he'll be playing there, so she gets to see him anyway.

I think my favorite song from last year was this song by The Limousines. Before you click that link, let me tell you a few things. First: the songs lyrics are very not work safe. In fact there is no way this song would be played on a pop radio station, so if four letter words and talk about sex might bother you, don't listen to the song. And second: the video that I linked to is irrelevant. It's not really a video. It's just a way for you to hear the song, so listen, don't bother to watch (the images are just a few pictures over and over again).

The Limousines also did a song called Internet Killed the Video Star, which I also adore, but Very Busy People is my favorite. I swear, I know people like that!

One of my favorite albums (well, CD really) that I got for Christmas is the first album from an Icelandic band called Of Monsters and Men. According to Wikipedia they are five guys and a girl. I am really in love with this band. The song that's getting air play is a song called Little Talks and I love it. But it's not even my favorite song on the album (I have several of them, I REALLY like this album). Ah what the hell, here's the video. OMG, people! I went to find the song for you so I watched the video and it's adorable! I am now even more in love with this band! Who clearly are indeed five guys and a girl! From Iceland. The video is not at all what I would've pictured for the song, so you might want to listen to it a few times before you look? I love the images I have in my head that I got from the song.

My NEW NEW favorite song is the newest song from the Magnetic Fields. The song is called Andrew in Drag and it's only 2:20 seconds long. Recently Neil (Gaiman) linked to the video calling it the best video ever. I got all upset about this because I really wanted to link to the song before you had a chance to hear it anywhere else, because I've been obsessed with it for weeks now. I immediately checked out the video, and I have to say, I do not love it as much as Neil does. I love the SONG. I think the video is cool, but it is too easy to get caught up in the images and not hear the lyrics and the lyrics are brilliant. The video is probably not safe for work (there are nipples). Anyway, it's only two minutes long, you can listen to it without looking once through before you watch the video, okay? Here it is.

Wow, I went on for a bit, didn't I? But seriously, check this stuff out. Music. It has power.
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