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I'm not sure if "you had to be there" to find this funny, but we sure did.

I haven't been online in forever. I have a post half-written that I started over a month ago now, so it hardly seems relevant. I saved it, so if I ever decide to try to finish it, I could, but for now, I'm going to forget the past and move on.

To this past Saturday. Because it amused me.

But, as usual with me, first the back story:

I'm sure most of you know this, but, The Avengers movie opens up a week from this Friday. My plan had been to go to one of the all-day event things that they are doing and watch the five movies (Hulk, Thor, Iron Man 1&2, Cap.) then see the midnight of The Avengers. I was really looking forward to it, but it was not to be.

Scott is talking at UCSC on Friday the 4th (Avengers opening day). That's where Sky is going to school, so of course I want to go see him there. They are flying him out on Thursday, he's doing a Q&A type thingy on Friday and then home Saturday. No formal lecture, but there might be class visits? Anyway, he's flying, I'm driving and meeting him there (we realized after the flight was booked that I could've just driven him and it wouldn't have taken much more time, but too late...). I was all into the idea of seeing the midnight show on Thursday there, but Scott, understandably, is concerned that he get enough sleep so that he can be well rested for Friday. This also means that I'm not around to go to the all-day movie fest on Thursday.

So I decided to do my own. But not all day, and maybe repeating some of them, because why not! (mostly because there are bunches of people that want to join us and coordinating schedules is too difficult). So last week, on Wednesday, our friend Kassia came over and we watched The Hulk (which none of us had seen). [quickie review: I liked it more than Scott did, but the things I liked best were all the in-jokes and things. And paying homage to Bill Bixby and having him make a cameo despite the fact that he's dead, made me so happy that I could forgive most things. (Bill Bixby was one of my first huge crushes as a kid)]. She came over the next day as well, but instead of Avengering (yes, I can make a verb of anything), I showed her the first three episodes of Slings and Arrows (anyone who's been reading this blog for awhile knows just how much I love that show).

Friday was Game Night. Nat Gertler brought his copy of Thor over (thank you again, Nat) so we didn't have to buy/rent it for our marathon (is it still a marathon when you're not doing it all on the same day? Probably not. I just don't know what else to call it). When most of the Game Night crowd had gone, Kassia and Robynne were left and we decided to watch some more Slings and Arrows (Robynne's seen them all and didn't mind coming in in the middle). So we watched two more. This is important, since we stopped with only one left of the first season.

Okay, all this brings us to Saturday, which is what this post is all about. On Saturday Winter was going to a party at a friends house. The plan had been for Kassia and Robynne to get to my house when I was done dropping Winter off. Due to circumstances out of my control, I was an hour later than I thought I'd be and rushing. Scott called as I was heading home to ask about plans and dinner. I wasn't home and there were two other people who had a say so I didn't have an answer, but I told him that I expected we'd watch the last Slings and Arrows and then go to dinner, come back and start watching Avengers type movies. Scott thought that was silly since it was an Avengers night and we shouldn't be watching anything else.

When I got home, and the gals had arrived we called Scott to firm up when/where/what we were doing for dinner. Since we all thought it was a tad too early for dinner, but we didn't want to watch a whole movie before we ate they suggested that we watch Slings and Arrows first. I was amused. We watched it. It is still brilliant. Scott wanted to get home in time to see some of it, but he just missed it all.

Once he was there it was time to get food. We'd decided to get Panda Express because it would be quick. Ice cream was an important part of the days events, so we figured a quick dinner at Panda and then somewhere for ice cream to bring home. As we were driving, I noticed that the new ice cream place a few blocks away was finally open. In fact with the signs and all we realized that it had just opened that day. It was fate. We had to go.

The place is called Sub Zero, and Scott, seeing the name said, "what, do they have a tank of Liquid Nitrogen that they freeze the ice cream with to get it that cold?" We all laughed and spent the rest of the drive imagining this place that Scott had just envisioned and telling stories of things you do with Nitrogen and things we've seen frozen. It entertained us.

So after we ate, we went to Sub Zero to see if they were any good. There was a long line and we had to wait outside. Even so, we could look in the window, and what did we see? You guessed it: A giant Nitrogen tank used to freeze the ice cream!! The place is wild. You pick out a base (like "premium" which is basically ice cream, custard, soy milk, almond milk...) then you pick out a flavor or two or if you're me, three, then you get something mixed in. We were given coupons to get an extra mix in. They then shoot it with Nitrogen and freeze it up for you. You can get it soft medium or hard. I saw the sign and went on about how we should get it hard so that it would still be hard for carrying it out, then I read the small print on the sign and saw that's what they recommended.

I got the premium ice cream, flavored with fudge chocolate, cherry, and hot cinnamon, with andes mint and dark chocolate chips mixed in. It was very very good. I can't wait to get to take others there.

We had a grand time. Partly because it was so funny that our predictions kept coming true, partly because of the great company and partly because of the delicious ice cream.

The only problem is that it took over two hours for us to eat and get ice cream. This meant that we were now starting movies and 9pm. We watched Thor, the two Coulson shorts (one on the Thor DVD the other on Captain America) and Captain America. I'm glad we plan on seeing Cap again as I was rather tired by then. All in all, a very late but awesome night.

I think we should make ice cream at Sub Zero part of all the future movie nights, we just need to start earlier.

I bought both Iron Man movies so other than the Hulk, which we rented, we are ready to go any day that people want to come over and watch. And Kassia's not seen the reboot Trek either, so happy times ahead.

On May 4th (which is Star Wars day, but oh well) I will be at UCSC watching Scott talk, and then the two of us, and as many people who want to join us will find a theatre that's not sold out (even if we have to do a very late show) and we will finally see The Avengers. It will be later than we want, but since we'll be traveling and doing things Thursday and Friday beforehand hopefully we won't be spoiled.

I can't wait.

(By the way, if I don't post again for awhile, and you are worried about me, this is my Twitter feed. Unlike Facebook, you don't need to have an account to check it out, and mine's not locked. I tend to post on Twitter at least once a day. Sometimes a lot more, and sometimes I'm absent for a bit, but I usually let people know if I'm offline for more than a day. Since I "tweet" mostly from my phone, it's much easier to keep up to date, so I do...)
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