Ivy (ivy_rat) wrote,

If you miss it this Thursday morning, there's always next week!

I know! Two posts from me in one week! What's the world coming to?!

But this is important. Okay, not really. But it is to me.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that Sky has been getting involved with the radio station on campus, right? Well, first quarter she volunteered, second quarter she took the radio class, which included interning on one of the shows. This quarter, she has her own show! The thing is, because it's her first show and all, she was given a time slot that's not ideal (at least for Scott and I to listen to her). On the one hand, because of the time, she can play whatever she wants (there can be no "bad language" played on the station until very late), on the other she's on from 3am to 6am!

But see, we can listen to it because the station is on the web. That means that anyone that wants to hear it can. And many of you do NOT live in our time zone. So, if you would like to hear Sky on the radio, her show is on Early Thursday mornings from 3-6am Pacific time. That's 6-9 Eastern, and there are timezone maps if you don't know what time that is where you are. The website to hear her at is KZSC. The name of her show is "Wordplay"; the idea is that she'll pick a word and the whole night will revolve around it. Last week was her first week and her theme was Coachella, since she had just come back from week one, and was gearing up for week two. I have no idea what her theme will be this week, but I know it'll be interesting and the music will be great.

Assuming I wake up again (my alarm is set to wake me up at 2:45am) I will tweet when she's about to go on, so if you follow me there you will know when.

Right now I have two friends over to do dinner and watch Avengers movie(s). They are entertaining themselves by playing Cooking Mama. Winter is giving them lessons. Listening without being able to see them, is very amusing.

Don't forget, tomorrow (Thursday) morning (or whenever it is for you)!
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