Ivy (ivy_rat) wrote,

Stuff has been happening!

Life has been so very hectic that there's been no time to think, let alone write a blog post...

There have been health things: Scott's kidney stones came back (we thought we had another eight and a half years before we'd need to deal with them again), and I've been plagued with various health issues that seem to find me constantly feeling bad, but testing fine. It's rather frustrating. I would much rather find that there is something wrong with me than not. I start feeling like I'm imagining everything. Oh well. It is what it is.

There is much bigger exciting news, however. The first thing is that Sky is off traveling around Europe and having a grand time. She's blogging about it, and I highly recommend her blog (link sends you to the beginning). If you read it comment on it on occasion so it's not just Scott and I commenting...

Probably the biggest news though, is the newest addition to our family: Meet Bucky.

Or, as we've renamed him: Buckminster Fuller Banzai Barnes. His paperwork says he's a Chihuahua, but I don't buy it. First of all he weighs 15 1/2 lbs! He looks part Shelty to me, but I'm not sure. He was a rescue dog. He came from a hoarders house. They had 11 dogs locked outside, and pretty much ignored. Bucky was the one they thought was salvageable. I have no idea what happened to the other ten, but I'm not sure they were saved.

They think he's about two years old, and it's clear that he was traumatized. He scares very easily. On the 4th, we were at the park and I accidentally dropped his leash. Before then I had no idea he could run, but run he did. It was horrifying. I really thought we were going to lose him. It took about a dozen people to help get him back. When we had first gotten him we were told he wouldn't walk on a leash, I got him walking on one within a day, but after his escape, I stopped letting him get away with hanging in one area, and since then we've walked all over. But only if I'm there. Sky might've been able to get him to do things as well, but she left the day after we got him, and Winter and Scott have yet to develop the rapport with him that I have. Which makes if very difficult for me to do anything. I've taken him with me almost everywhere I've gone since we got him (about a week ago). The one time I left him home with Winter, we discovered that he could indeed bark. Before that, he hadn't made a sound. While I was gone, he barked nonstop for several hours. I've barely left him alone since.

This would not bode well for ComicCon, but he's not staying here while we're away. He's going to my folks' place. I'm hoping that Mom can handle him. I worry. It was probably a bad idea getting him right before Con, but what's done is done, and I adore him and I think the feeling's mutual, so I don't care...

Traditionally around now, I make a ComicCon post. So I guess this will be it. I will say what I've said before, because it bears repeating: If you see me and you recognize me, come say hi! I would love it if you do, you will likely make my day. If I know you or have met you, and I look blankly at you, please don't be offended. I tend to remember people by event rather than names or faces. It's really annoying. For me; and I expect for people I meet. I sometimes don't recognize close friends because they've changed their hair or something so if I looked confused (or even if I don't) remind me why I know you, it'll save me the embarrassment of having to pretend I remember...

I'm not going to make this a Comics Only year mostly because I have a friend on the voices in animation panel and I'm not about to miss that! And there's a Hobbit panel so I might try to brave Hall H or where ever it is, in hopes that Martin Freeman will be there, because, quite honestly, he would be worth braving the lines for. Mostly I'll likely be a comics related panels though, or hanging out with Scott or Kathy Li or Larry Marder or Dave McKean or maybe Rich Stevens, in other words, same as every year. I'll probably tweet whatever panels I'm at, and I'll try to blog at night, but I'm not sure if I'll manage to do that: we didn't get a room in San Diego this year, so we have to commute from 15miles away, so everything will be weird.

Not sure if I'm looking forward to Con this year or not, but I do know it will be more than I expect because it's always a surprise.

If you are there and you find me, I promise to show you picture of both daughters and of Bucky!
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