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17 years ago today

I've told this story before, but I'm going to tell it again.

Seventeen years ago ComicCon fell late in July. It was the only year that Scott and I missed since we started going. I was nine months pregnant. The plan had been that I would have the baby on Tuesday before Con (the due date?) and I'd be up and around by the weekend and we could do Saturday and/or Sunday of Con showing off our new baby.

That didn't happen.

Every day we got a call from either Kurt (Busiek) or Neil (Gaiman) asking if the baby was here yet. They were both planing on being at the naming ceremony which was to be on the Monday after Con. When Monday arrived, but the baby still hadn't, Neil, Kurt, and Kurt's wife Ann came out anyway to spend the day. Also at our house that day was our friend Krystal. She'd been around all weekend so that she could watch two year old Sky while Scott and my mom were off helping me at the birthing center. She was supposed to be gone on Monday, but her work got cancelled last minute and she was able to hang around one more day.

We all went out to dinner and I went into labor. When we got home from dinner, Sky had woken up and wanted to be included, so three cars went to the center together. I remember that Scott drove me in our van and Neil was sitting next to me in the back helping me through the contractions. I know that Kurt, Ann, Mom, Krystal, and Sky all managed to get there as well, but I have no memory how.

It is now legendary that Neil spent much of the evening with Krystal singing songs from Sweeney Todd to Sky. Every now and then one of them would bring Sky in to see me.

I won't go into the actual birth part of this story, but I remember it as if it were yesterday. But I also remember after Winter was born. I remember everyone coming in to meet her. She was born at 2:10AM and we were all tired, but they were there. Some of my favorite people in the world. It was a magic night. To keep the magic going, the four of them were made Fairy Grandparents to both of our girls.

That was seventeen years ago. I find that hard to believe. My goal is to post this at her exact time of birth, then I'll probably go to bed. When I get up there will be small party that Winter decided to throw for herself very last minute. We are determined to have fun, regardless of how many or few people show up.

The day after her birthday, Winter flies to Europe to meet up with her sister, then the both of them fly to Scotland to spend a week with Neil where all three of them can sing songs from Sweeney Todd to each other. Meanwhile, back here at home, Kurt will be in town and Scott and I will get to see him. Krystal and her son where over our house on Friday for Game Night and will likely be back next week as well. It's been seventeen years, and these are still some of my favorite people in the world.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think I will go and cry. My little baby isn't anymore. Instead she's become a beautiful, intelligent, amazing young woman. I am so very proud of her. It's been an awesome journey, and I'm looking forward to see where she goes from here, but part of me misses my baby.

Okay. It's 2:10AM, time to post. Happy Birthday Winter.
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