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February the busiest month of our lives (and March marches on)

I know, I know, it's been far too long, but seriously, February; busiest month ever.

I'm going to start with January 31st, because that's what the last post was about: Our last Game Night! But since this is likely to be a long post, I will just say it was a great party. Lots of people came. Many who we hadn't seen in ages. Lots of games were played. Much sushi was eaten. The only thing I didn't like was that I could tell I was at the beginning of a cold and was reticent to hug people goodbye for fear of infecting them, and I really wanted to hug them goodbye (several hugged me anyway, I hope they stayed well). The party ended after midnight, so February officially began during our last Game Night.

On Saturday, the 1st, we bought a new car. A green Toyota Rav4. It's awesome. I love it. It took awhile to do all the paper work stuff. By the time we had finished everything it was night time and I was a wreck. I was now full blown sick, and I clearly had pink eye to add to the fun. Luckily we did not have some papers we needed so we had to come back the next day to pick up the car, because I was in no shape to drive a brand new car home in the dark. The next day was Super Bowl Sunday and I was still pretty sick, but since it got worse as the day went on, we were able to go early, pick up the car, drive it to Nat Gertler's (since I was going to have to miss his Super Bowl Party because I was too contagious to be around people) to show off the new car, and then we went home and I went to bed. Scott went to work (and to the Super Bowl party) and then at 4am he was off to the airport and on to Amsterdam for a week.

Me, I was in bed. It wasn't until Tuesday morning that I remembered that I had a doctor and that I could call him and that he could help. I called first thing Tuesday morning, and got a call back at 6pm saying they'd called in a prescription for eye drops to the pharmacy, at 7pm I got a text from CVS. OMG, my hands were shaking as I put the drops in my eyes. It had been four days of wanting to gouge my eyes out. That, by the way, is why there was no blog post. Once I wasn't in massive pain anymore, I had too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

The rest of the week that Scott was in Amsterdam I spent trying to get ready for the movers. I had help. My friends, Carol, Robynne, and Nat all came over at some point to help box things, but the biggest help was my sister, Holly, who was there everyday, organizing and coordinating and doing all the stuff that I was supposed to be doing, but was too sick and too freaked out to be doing (she's way way better at it than I am, clearly).

Scott got back from Amsterdam a few hours before the movers came (and they came early!). The movers were there to move the big stuff (bed, couches, dressers, book cases, etc,). We just managed to get everything cleared for them to take. There was still plenty left, but most of it was easy to move (that was the idea anyway).

The day after the movers, Tuesday, Scott and I drove to Marin Academy, stopping off at Santa Cruz and San Francisco to visit our daughters on the way. We were there for three days, and we were busy the whole time. Lots of fun, great kids, but hard work. On Friday Scott did a lecture, a class visit and then we drove home (stopping to visit both girls again). Didn't make it home until Saturday (too much to do in one day). We were home only about 15 hours and then we were headed for the airport to fly to Orlando!

Orlando was great fun. We were there for a conference. I sat in on some of it, I didn't understand much, but what I did was very interesting. And they threw great parties! Since we were in Orlando we stayed an extra few days and had a mini vacation. Turns out Neil (Gaiman) was in town the same time showing a friend of his some sights, so they picked us up and we went on an adventure together. Sadly the place he took us was no longer as he remembered it, but it was still a lovely day (except for the part where we got stuck in traffic going back and the fear that they would miss their plane because of it).

Scott and I spent the next two days in Disney. We had a Perfect Epcot Day, followed by a nearly perfect day half in Animal Kingdom (getting to see a friend working in her dream job!) and half in The Magic Kingdom. These three days were the closest thing we had to stress free for the month.

For those of you following along on your calendars, we are now up to Feb 22, which is the day we leave Orlando. Scott flies to Tennessee to start teaching his class, and I fly back to California, where I now have less than a week to finish moving everything out of our apartment by myself. Luckily, I'm not really by myself, because I have my awesome sister. And I have my friends. I think everyone comes at some point to help. Oh, and I get sick again. I think it's the dust? But Holly gets sick and then my mom gets sick, so it's not allergies like I thought. Towards the end, Holly and I are both losing it, we are both pretty sick, there's still too much to do, we only have a couple of days to get out before the end of the month and our energy is zapped and that's when our friends Alaine and Sandy rescue us. Alaine shows up, and can't do anything because of wrist problems but she kept us company and gave us our much needed energy back, and she stayed long enough to pick up Sandy (her husband) so that he could come and help. And he did! And the next day (the 28, the last day of the month) Sandy got permission to leave work early, and spent most of the day at our place helping, moving, loading, cleaning, everything. There is no way we could've done it without him. There is no way I could've done it without each and every person that helped. But we did it. By the end of Feb 28th, we were out of the apartment.

I did take one day off during that week, on the 25th when my mom turned 80. I figured that was important enough an event to celebrate.

And that was our February.

The first few days of March were spent getting stuff that had been dumped at Mom's house into storage (when it wasn't raining too hard), packing up the stuff Scott wanted us to bring from his studio, packing the new car and anything else that needed to be done to get us on the road. And then we left. Us, in this case, was me, Bucky and my friend Robynne who was coming to keep me company and help with Bucky.

We did the drive nice and slow. We made a stop to watch the sun set at the Grand Canyon, which Robynne had never been to; we spent the better part of a day at the Petrified Forrest (which she'd also not been to); Robynne took in a dinosaur museum (I stayed with Bucky in the car) and we both went to a very silly Route 66 Museum (I SLID DOWN A FIRE POLE- This is a big thing for me!); we visited Cadillac Ranch; and best of all, got to spend a night with some friends of mine (who are very awesome people- one of whom's birthday is today: happy birthday!!) (friends I'd originally met over the internet, btw; whoever says spending time talking to people online is not real friendships are WRONG).

From there it was on to Clarksville and Scott where I have been ever since. Robynne stayed for a few days (long enough to watch the first season and a bit of Sports Night) and then she flew back home. Scott Bucky and I have settled in to a hotel room.

There has been excitement: a shooting at the hotel next door that kept us from our hotel for an hour, a fire down the street that demolished the Burger King we'd gotten lunch at the day before...

Due to Spring Break, I've only been to two of Scott's classes but I enjoyed meeting his students. Very talented. Can't wait to see what the rest of the semester will bring. And they seem to like Bucky so they're okay in my book (about 72% female by the way).

Scott has guest speakers coming out, which I'm really looking forward to. If you're in the area, you should come out to see them! Pendleton Ward (of Adventure Time fame) is talking this Friday (March 28th)! Then a week later Ryan Germick (the Google Doodle Guy) will be here on Wednesday April 2nd, and Raina Telgemeier will be speaking on Wednesday April 16th (if you don't know who Raina is, why are you even reading this blog, you should be out reading everything she's ever written: she is amazing).

Oh, and Scott is going to be in Philly Friday April 4th. Pretty sure it's open to the public. Bucky and I will be there too. See if you can find us.

Okay. This was a novel. I don't plan on getting sick again anytime soon. So hopefully the next post will be much sooner and much shorter. And now it's time to walk a dog and do laundry.

I'm gonna try to do these on Sunday/Monday, so see you next week (I hope)!
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