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The Spirit

Tonight, Scott (maybe Sky) and I are going to see a movie. So I figured I should tell you what I thought of the last one I saw before I tell you all about the new one that I will be chomping at the bit to tell you about tonight.

On our Anniversary, Scott and I did indeed go to see The Spirit. To tell the truth, I was reticent. I had heard more bad than good and Will Eisner is someone I care about, his memory is important to me. The idea that someone else that I know (though not very well) would make a movie that in some way did wrong by Will was hard to take. But Scott and I both felt that it would be equally wrong for us not to see the movie.

I am really glad that we did. I cannot say how much of Will was in the movie. I was much more aware of how much of Frank was in it. But I enjoyed it very much. It was very funny. I think, possibly, the reason that people didn't like it was because they thought the movie was funny by accident, and that to laugh would be to laugh at it. I think that laughing at the movie meant that it was working. It was supposed to be funny. There were cameos and in-jokes, and I don't know how much was missed by the average audience member; I'm sure I missed bunches of stuff.

The acting was directed way over-the-top, and the actors seemed to be having a great time. The movie was visually beautiful, though reminiscent of Sin City. ( I seem to be a sucker for that kind of use of color.)

When it comes out on DVD, I am sure we will buy it. I would love Sky to see it. These days DVDs come with all sorts of extras, and if there are deleted scenes, then I am so there. I think I look forward to what could be included in the extras as much as anything.

If you can see it in a theatre, consider it. Know that it is very tongue in cheek, has some violent moments, very heavy handed acting and don't expect to like it, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Look for another movie review here late tonight or tomorrow (this is my way of forcing me to do it..) ;-)
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