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Thursday, June 1st, 2017
10:41 pm
What I'm Up To
This is a blog post, honest. But I'm starting with a note to the GameNight Gang: no GameNight tomorrow (Friday June 2nd). Scott and Winter will be with me, and we'll all be here in Burbank. In fact the only GameNights this month will be the 16th and 30th! We should have more free Fridays in July!

And now, back to our scheduled blog post:

I have a job! It is awesome, with very cool people! I don't think I've told the world this yet, so I figured I should.

Except I can't. I think. It's supposed to be secret, so I have no idea what I'm allowed to say. But, I think, as of today, I'm allowed to tell you that if you see the 70mm show of Wonder Woman at ArcLight; Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, or La Jolla in Southern California; or Toronto or Vancouver [Ahhhh! CORRECTION: Montreal, not Vancouver!!] in Canada then you will be seeing a film that at some point was touched by me. Literally. We only put together five WW prints. Mostly we are working on another movie that will get a much wider 70mm release. And, since it's not out yet, I don't think I'm supposed to say which movie. But if you do see WW in 70mm, you will see a trailer (which they are calling a "prologue") for it.

We are doing the work in Burbank. Because Scott needs our one car, and it's a long commute, I am being put up in a hotel. All together we are a group of four people. Two are from out of state (one being my friend Cherie) and we are all in the hotel together. Our head honcho lives close enough that she commutes, so she can be home for her cat.

70mm movies are real film, instead of digital, which is what most theatres show these days. We are sent lots of small reels of film and we splice them together, put them on platters and then into cases and ship them out. I'm proud that I can do this, and thrilled to be working with this group!

I worked with all three of these people when we did the 70mm Hateful Eight prints. I really like them all, so working with them is much fun. Which is a good thing since we are working seven days a week! Our one guy took some time off to work a film festival, but he's back now so it feels like the family is back together.

The job will be over by the end of this month, but for now, I'm really busy! Scott and Winter come visit every so often, and I try to make it back for GameNight (only when Scott is in town, so my mom doesn't have to entertain if we get there late!). Tomorrow, Scott and Winter are coming into town because Scott is filming a Geek and Sundry thing on Saturday! We were planning on all going to see one of our Wonder Woman prints tomorrow, but it looks like the shows we could make are almost sold out, so I think we're gonna do it on Sunday instead.

It's not all fun and games. We are working very hard, and have the bruises to prove it! I fell this morning trying to protect some reels of film I was moving. I'm sure the bruise on my arm will be spectacular by morning! And I had mostly gotten better from the last black and blue bruise I had!

So, anyway, this is all why I've been largely absent from the world.

Well, that, and because we have a president who continues to horrify me daily, which makes it hard to deal with anything bigger than my immediate purview.

And with that, I shall now sign off and go take a shower. I am clearly too tired to make this post have a coherent, pithy ending.
Monday, March 20th, 2017
8:30 pm
Wherein I do a Quick Synopsis of my Recent Life, and Proceed to Lose Geek Cred
I need to write. It's been a long time, and I need to get back to it. I've been very depressed ever since the election and all the stuff that's happened subsequently. The person that I had wanted to be president more than any other candidate I've had the ability to vote for, lost to a monster who is making me embarrassed to be an American. I'm not sure I'm getting over this anytime soon.

I stage-managed a children's theatre show this year. I have lots of feelings about this as well. I felt both useless and important, invisible and essential. I loved doing it, but also wondered why. I have both wonderful memories and some not-so-great ones. The whole experience was rather conflicting. It was a production of "The Little Mermaid." It was directed by a friend I don't get to see nearly enough, so hanging with her was great! A week after the show I spent time with her under less happy circumstances, though, as I helped her get help for her son, who had just (luckily) survived an attempt to kill himself. I'm not loving 2017 yet.

I also failed to get a job that everyone who knows me said I would be great at. That was also depressing. At the exact same time, Sky failed to get a job that everyone who knows her told her she'd be great at. Like mother, like daughter?

But actually, the real reason I finally decided to write something was to share my very unpopular opinion about some movies. People often complain that I always give positive reviews of everything I see. That's because I tend to know what I'm going to like, and try to see only those movies. That is also why, when I don't like something, I'm much more militant about it!

So, regardless of whether it decreases my nerd quotient or not, I want it known that I HATED Logan. Hate, HATE, a WORLD OF HATE!! The reasons I felt this way can only be explained with spoilers, so I'll put a few spaces before I explain my feelings. Read on at your own risk (I know, there are ways to hide this sort of thing, but I'm too depressed to bother figuring it out). (Regular non-spoilery comments continue after the second break)


Okay, why I hated Logan: 1. Every adult in the whole movie dies. Every single one. 2. Most in violent gruesome ways. Far gorier than it needed to be. And most importantly 3. There are three mutants left at the beginning of the movie, thereby invalidating ALL of the movies that came before. Why should we care about the future of mutants if the future is nonexistent? Why should we care if Charles or Eric is right when they are both wrong, there is no more mutantkind? Why should we be happy that Logan realizes that family is a good thing, now THAT HE'S DEAD?! The moral of the movie was: why bother trying, you're all going to die horribly. Anyone that's nice to you will die horribly, anyone that's mean to you will die horribly. And now there are some genetically engineered children, brought up to be violent, who's only contact with the outside world has been in the last few months, who are roaming around, perhaps Canada, with no adult supervision. And one of them has been injected with the same thing that eventually killed her "father" which will presumably also kill her. Nope. I am declaring this movie to be part of some alternate dystopian timeline, and hence one we can forget. Now if we could only find our way back from the dystopian timeline we are currently living in.


So that's half of my unpopular opinion. The other half does not need a spoiler break: I loved The Great Wall!! It was a terrible movie, but just exactly as terrible as one would expect from the trailer. But, it was staggeringly beautiful! And didn't have the ending I was expecting! It was stupid, beautiful, fun! And despite there being a war with people-eating monsters, it was far less gory than Logan!

I've liked all the other movies I've seen recently as well. But this is getting too long so I'll try to write again soon...
Thursday, November 24th, 2016
9:29 am
Today Scott and I spent most of the day in LA. This year, mostly in order to see Hamilton, we bought season tickets for the Pantages. Tonight was our first show. Well, actually last week was, but we were in San Francisco that Wednesday so we changed it to tonight. Because we were afraid of holiday traffic we decided to get to LA very early. So early in fact, that we had time to see a movie first!

So we saw Moana, which I expected to love and was not disappointed! Music was great, story was formulaic but I didn't mind. And hey, she had TWO parents! How often is that true in Disney movies?!

Then we saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was pretty amazing. I was concerned that I hadn't seen a warning anywhere about strobe lights, which is not good. But outside of that, the show rocked (pun intended)!

It's hours later. I should be asleep, but instead I'm soaking in a tub and writing this.

The thing is, besides two wonderful and very different pieces of entertainment (and meeting cool people at the theatre), most of my day has been spent on the phone with my eldest daughter who is very sad. I love my daughter. I think she's awesome. She's so creative, and smart, and funny, and kind. But sometimes her friends give up on her (this has also happened to her sister, and me—I can tell you from experience, it hurts). It happened in college when two friends just decided, well whatever it was that they decided, and stopped being her friends. It took her years of therapy to get over her favorite people deciding that they no longer wanted her in their lives. She can be needy. I get that. But she's working on it. She's more than worth the effort.

But now another friend is putting her through a similar ordeal. Because of this, she's afraid to spend time with any of her other friends now, for fear that she will get upset and lose them too. So everyday she's called me and we've spoken for hours. She's lonely and hurt, and she is not coming home for Thanksgiving.

And I'm laying in a tub crying about the fact that my beautiful daughter that I love so much is feeling useless and wants to give up on everything because she's afraid of getting hurt again. And I can't help, because her mom telling her she has worth does not mean as much as a friend telling her that.

And I know today (since it's almost 3am) is supposed to be about giving thanks, but usually, what I'm most thankful for is having my family around, and they're not all around this year. I miss my girls. I'm scared for them in so many ways, especially with our new president. And I'm powerless. And sitting in a tub, crying at 3am, after an amazing day of theatre.

So, do me a favor? Tell someone that they are worthy and loved today.

I thank you all for being there for me when I need you. Let's all be there for each other.

I'm gonna get out of the tub now. I'll have Scott read this when he wakes up, and help me decide if I should post it or not (if you are reading this, then he must have said yes).

Happy Thanksgiving
Tuesday, November 15th, 2016
11:10 pm
I'm gone
I know I've been absent a lot recently. I'm sorry. Sadly (for me, anyway) that's not going to change anytime soon.

I've spent the last six months 100% engrossed in politics. All of my free time was spent listening to podcasts, reading articles, or watching the news. I figured, when the election was over I'd be back to normal. I could sleep again. Life would be good.

I was wrong. My worst nightmares came true, and I honestly can't cope.

On election night I had a panic attack so bad that a friend gave me a Xanax to calm me down. I have stayed completely away from almost all media since then.

I know there are probably some good people who voted for him (I can't even bring myself to say his name anymore), but I am not yet able to forgive them. I do not understand why anyone would vote for the least experienced person to ever run for president over the most experienced. The only reasons I can conceive is that they couldn't handle a woman as a leader, or they are as racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic as the leaders they have voted for.

This directly affects my family, since my children fall into numerous categories that he has insulted and offended.

I love Hillary. I wanted her to win. Not because she wasn't him, but because she truly cared about everything that is important to me. I resent Wikileaks, Russia, the FBI, and the electoral college for the parts they played in her defeat. The only thing getting me out of bed these days is the fact that Hillary actually won; she had over a million more votes than he did. She should be our president.

See. I'm way too emotionally compromised. Until I can cope with the world as it is, I need to ignore it.

And I'm busy. Today, Scott, Bucky, and I drove to San Francisco again. Scott will be spending the next three days at Google's Tiltbrush as an Artist in Residence and I will be hanging with Bucky, ignoring the world. (Oh, right, GameNight gang: no GN on this Friday).

When we get back home, I'll be actually busy! I'm stage managing the YAE (Young Artist Ensemble)'s CTFE (Conejo Theater For Everyone) production of Little Mermaid! I can count on the next few months being busy enough to keep my mind occupied.

But I don't think I can be online for a bit. Not until I don't start hyperventilating whenever I think of all the horrors the next four years might bring. When I can breathe again, I'll figure out what I can do to help the cause. Maybe I'll volunteer somewhere. For now, however, I'm gone.

I will still get my mail and check comments on things I've posted. So I'm still very much reachable. And if you write, I WILL answer! Who knows, maybe I'll get up the energy to write up this trip; it's only Day One and we've already had a surprise Craig Thompson encounter and a panic call home because I stupidly forgot to bring my meds on the trip!

It promises to be an interesting few days, though, without my anti-depressants we'll see what kind of shape I'll be in.

So, yeah. I'm here if you want me, but I'm not gonna be reading anything for fear of having yet another panic attack. It's not you, it's me, honest! I do care. Just right now, I care a little too much. So for my sanity, and health I won't be looking. But you can find me and talk to me. I miss you all. We'll get through this.
Tuesday, July 19th, 2016
8:00 pm
SDCC: we will be there tomorrow!!
It's almost time for SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con for those confused)! I figured I should come out of hibernation to do my annual Before-Con-Post. So here I am.

Yes, we will be going to Con this year. And by we, I mean Scott, Sky, Winter, and me. It will be the first time the four of us will be in the same place since New Year's. I'm looking forward to that almost more than anything.

We will not have a booth, but we will be around on Wednesday through Monday. And if one of us is on a panel, then the rest will likely be there as well. But we're not on too many panels: on Thursday, Sky is on Maggie Thompson's Spotlight Panel (Maggie decided to make it about growing up in a fandom family, instead of just about her). On Saturday, Scott is on a panel at the library, as part of the Comics Art Conference. That's about it for panels, but Scott will also be interviewed at Comic Con HQ, on Thursday afternoon at the Hilton (I think?) and that's open to even people who don't have a badge. I think we're both going to do some kind of round table thing after Scott's interview.

Winter will be running around looking like a character from Steven Universe. She sewed it herself. It's pretty awesome.

Now for my yearly reminder: if you see me, and you know me (or just recognize me) PLEASE come say hi! But, if I look like I'm not sure who you are, that's ME not YOU! I have trouble remembering faces. I frequently don't recognize people I know. You might look familiar to me, and I might not know why. Because of this, I almost never initiate contact. I'm always worried that I'm wrong. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, say hi! It will make my day. I promise. Just remind me who you are, so we don't have one of those horribly embarrassing moments!

And if you saw me last year, the wheelchair was an anomaly. I'm back on my own two feet this year. My back is not great, but it's normal bad, not wheelchair bad.

I will try to tweet things we are doing, so you can come find us at other times.

If this is your first time at Con, my advice to you is: figure out what's the most important thing you want to make sure you do, and try for that. Crowds are ridiculous, so be prepared to wait a long time for things. Don't get your hopes up that you will see everything you want to—unless they're all in the same room and you queue super early—you will be disappointed. If you're more interested in things other than new movies and tv shows, you have a better chance of getting into things. People are mostly super nice, but the crowds and heat, etc will sometimes wear people down, so some encounters might be fraught. There is water everywhere; make sure you drink it! Remember to enjoy what you get to do. Meet people on line! If you're waiting for the same thing, you are starting with something in common!

Okay, enough of Con. I'll try to post something every evening of SDCC, but I'm not going to promise, just in case.

As for me: I've not been doing great lately. My depression is still making itself felt despite the meds. I think it's the summer. I'm not a fan. Too hot. It makes me sick. And the accident didn't help.

Oh, hey, I've not written in so long, I've not told anyone about the car accident! I was in a car accident. First time in my life that I was in an accident while driving (and I've driven hundreds of thousands of miles). And it WAS TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT!! I was stopped at a light. Completely stopped. And an older gentleman REAR-ENDED ME! I was preparing to make a right-hand turn, so I was leaning forward looking for oncoming traffic on the left. Scott and Winter were in the car; they were unharmed, but since I was leaning forward, I got thrown back. My back has been hurting ever since, but, as I was in the hospital for my back year ago, it's hard to tell if it's hurting more, or just normal Ivy pain.

I was very lucky, in that the driver did not hit and run. And he had very good insurance! Since everyone agreed that I was in no way at fault, his insurance paid for everything! If mine had paid, I would've had to pay a deductible, and a rental would not have been included. In the end the bill was huge, it took over a month to repair it, and I got a rental for the entire time, and paid nothing! So even though the experience was rather harrowing for me, looking back, I know it could've been so much worse. And my car is back. So, yay!

I know when I started writing this the other day, I'd planned on writing much more; like telling you about our newest dog (Mom's, not mine). But I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by life again, so I'm gonna stop here.

Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow, after day one of Con.

Here's a picture of Tootsie, the newest member of our household:
Wednesday, April 20th, 2016
10:12 pm
The Reports of my Death...

Well, I really failed at my "I will post everyday" plan. I have a good excuse. Well, I have an excuse, you can decide if it's good:

My last post we were still in San Francisco. Sky had just arrived. It was awesome having her with us. That part was great. Sadly, she also brought tension and conflict. Well, she didn't, her housemates did. So I blame them. Their threatening texts and emails began the first night we had Sky. It's all very long and complicated, but suffice it to say, we spent every evening dealing with their machinations. In the end we failed, and Sky's housemates took all of Sky's belongings out of the apartment and put them in storage, and changed the locks on the doors, in a very final way of ousting her. I don't know how legal this all was, but the lawyer I spoke to felt that we might have a case, but it would be more trouble than gain.

So, yeah. The rest of our time in SF was fun during the day; tension at night. By the time I had any time to write again, I was too stressed. And then I was too busy.

So now, weeks later, I'm back to fill in the gaps. And I've gotten the bad stuff out of the way!

Let's see, a quick wrap up of our time at the Exploratorium:

We got to go to the studio of Bret Victor. Bret is looking to change the world. I hope he succeeds, because the world he envisions is an awesome place. Wow. The demos he showed us were like magic, and even after he explained them, it was still hard not to see it as magic.

Roman Mars (of 99% Invisible fame) came to the Exploratorium to talk with us. This was Sky's idea, and it was a very good one! Despite his disdain for sourdough bread (which is just WRONG), Roman Mars is pretty awesome. We all had a great time talking with him!

There was also a dinner with Raina Telgemeier, and another with Patrick Farley. Both are people we adore and don't see nearly enough of, so those nights remain as gifts in my memory.

There were many other wonderful times (doing the Tactile Dome with Sky, whose lack of sight was an advantage; hanging out with our host, Claire, who is a font of amazing...), but then our time was over.

From SF, Scott drove Bucky and himself back home, while I flew to Portland with Sky and Samwise. I was supposed to be there for emotional support dealing with the dog on the plane (Samwise is not a great traveler). In the end, I was as much support for Sky who was coming back to her adopted home state, but to no home. I had a six hour layover during which I got her settled in a hotel for a few days, went to lunch with her, then left her and Samwise to catch my flight to Seattle.

(Sky is now almost settled in a new place: she's in a temporary room there, but will officially move to a more permanent place at the end of the month. Things are good)

I went to a fan convention in Seattle. I was still a bit overwhelmed by recent events so I spent much of my time alone, which is kinda the opposite of what I was there for. The time I did spend with people was pretty awesome (The conversations with friends at the con will resonate for a long time) and the time I spent alone was much needed, so I have no regrets. I even got to spend time (away from the con) with my friend Mary, who recently(ish) moved to Seattle from CA, and whom I miss muchly.

From Seattle, I flew back home, met up with Scott and we went to Irvine together so Scott could be the keynote speaker at an event at Blizzard. It was fascinating to get a glimpse of their world. And, omg, those people are talented! And they gave us the coolest gift ever! Maybe I'll post a pic at some point.

We also managed to snag a (delicious) dinner with Larry Marder and his gal Vicki while we were in the area!

Next it was back home again to mountains of laundry and a Game Night, since we were actually there on a Friday! On Sunday we were at the LA Book Fair. Scott had one of the last panels of the event at 4:30pm! He was interviewed by Ben Blacker (from Thrilling Adventure Hour). Scott expected it to be sparsely attended since it was so late, but he was wrong. It was a good sized crowd! And the signing line afterwards took long enough to go through that the fair was almost all packed up by the time we were done! Which was great, except for the fact that we needed to get on the road!

We only managed a few hours that night, but the next several days consisted of driving, sleeping, and drinking far too much Diet Dr Pepper. We made it to Connecticut in time for dinner with our hosts from the Avon Free Library. Have I mentioned how much I like librarians? So much!

Let's see. That brings us up to this past Saturday. And AvonCon. Scott did the keynote speech at the end of the day, but we got to spend the rest of the day hanging out at the con. It was tiny, and wonderful. A very good day.

Sunday I left Scott to do a quick trip to Syracuse to help Winter with some stuff. I got to meet her boyfriend (who I totally approve of) and her academic counselors and advisers. It's great to know that she has lots of much needed support.

From Syracuse on Monday I drove back to CT to pick up Scott, then we spent two days driving to here. Arkadelphia.

Tomorrow we spend the day hanging out at Henderson State University with our old friend Randy Duncan.

Wow. So long. Sorry. But I'm caught up now? Maybe I can let go of the guilt I've been feeling over my long absence? Maybe.

If I have time tomorrow, maybe I can write something interesting? If you've read this far, thanks! You're a real glutton, but I promise to be less boring next time!
Sunday, March 27th, 2016
10:02 pm
The Weekend
We've kinda done almost nothing this weekend.

Saturday we acquired a Sky and a Samwise. Sky has already forced us to be more adventurous; we had dinner last night at a food cart pizza place, today Sky and I got Indian food at a cute place that had outside seating so we could take the dogs, and tonight Sky and Scott left me with the dogs while they went to a veggie Mexican place Sky likes.

And, well, that's really all we've done. Sky and I got ice cream last night. We walked the dogs several times. Does that count?

I promise tomorrow will be more exciting. In the meantime, here's a pic Scott took of Sky and I and the four legged boys (Bucky's rather blurry).

Friday, March 25th, 2016
11:49 pm
Exploratorium Days Four and Five
So, I failed to post yesterday, but to be fair, it was a somewhat fraughtful day. And by the time I had time to write, I was just too tired.

To be honest, I'm too tired right now, but I'm not skipping two days, one was bad enough. I am putting off answering people until I'm more awake. Sorry.

Yesterday. Yesterday started with Scott waking up with a mouth full of blood. Pretty gross, actually. It was his tooth. Again. And it hurt. He called his dentist who wasn't concerned. Scott even took a picture of his mouth to send to her. She said sometimes this happens. It was a difficult extraction and Scott is just one of the lucky few that get to be in pain longer. Ug. I made him take half of his last pain pill.

We were supposed to have a lunch discussion, but once Claire, our host, found out about Scott's pain and blood, she chose to not remind people, so it was just a small group for lunch. But we hung out and chatted and showed each other stuff on YouTube. As you do.

Then Scott and I (and Bucky) got to spend some real time playing on the museum floor. I took three picture. Here they are:

(Scott took more, I'll have to post some of his later)

After we played for awhile, we went to a meeting with the web team. What they are doing with the website is awesome! You should check it out: http://www.exploratorium.edu/ look at the stuff under the EXPLORE heading! I love their perspective on everything.

Since yesterday was Thursday the museum was open late. They are open on Thursdays from 6-10pm for adults only. We wanted to stay and see one of the presentations, but by then Scott's mouth was starting to hurt again, so we decided it was best to leave. By the time we'd gotten dinner for ourselves and Bucky it was after 10pm and we were fairly drained. Hence the decision not to write last night.

Today we got up late. Scott was interviewed by a reporter from NBC who wrote an article that appeared online about an hour after he spoke to Scott. So weird. It was about Batman and Superman.

We then went to the museum in time to talk to the teen "Explainers." When I worked at The Children's Museum we were "Interpreters" but it was the same thing. They are the ones who work on the floor with the guests. These guys had that teen enthusiasm mixed with boredom. It was great. We later bumped into a couple of them and they were super enthusiastic about Scott's talk. Like I said, they were great.

We also got to say goodbye to Larry. I'm still sad that Sky (who arrives tomorrow) won't get to meet him. I would've loved to listen to them talk to each other.

I did get a picture of Larry and Scott together:

We spent the rest of the day on the museum floor until closing. Then we walked in the opposite direction from our hotel for the first time this week, and found The Ferry Building (I think that's what it was called). Lots of places to eat. So we did. Then we walked back to our hotel. We have been walking a minimum of five miles a day according to my phone. Today we walked seven miles.

We took Bucky out for a before-bed-walk and visited with the sea lions. No trip too SF is complete without a visit to the sea lions.

It's now 11:30pm, Scott is asleep and I probably should be, too. So I shall say goodnight and post this.
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016
11:59 pm
Exploratorium Day Three
The first thing we did at the museum today was go to a talk. One of the staff did a report on his recent trip to Boston hanging out at the Harvard Museums. He also spoke about a project he's been working on for decades. Not sure how much I'm allowed to talk about, so I'll just say that I was fascinated, and I think we'll be meeting with him later, and I'm so glad. Have I mentioned that the people who work at the museum are amazingly smart? 'Cause they are.

Next in our ultra exciting day was a walk to Safeway to buy me soda.

Okay, that was sarcastic, it was an exciting day, just the walking to Safeway wasn't.

As our time here continues we have more and more things in the schedule. We start out slow. Our only other museum thing was a conversation with the After Dark gang (After Dark is a program where there are special events on the 1st Thursday of the month-they are open late on Thursdays). They wanted to pick Scott's brain for ideas on an upcoming theme. I think we helped. I know they got me excited enough that I'd love to come back in November to see what they eventually wind up doing!

And that was it for the museum part of our day. Well, we bought hats for both of us, but I'm not sure that's interesting enough to include.

Our evening was spent having dinner with Andrew Farago, Shaenon Garrity, and their beautiful son, Robin. They are awesome people, and we had an awesome time.

The only pictures I took all day were a bunch of pics of Robin. He is not only beautiful, but very smart. He's not two yet and already has a huge vocabulary. He's quite the charmer.

I'm not good at picking, so I'm going to post a few of pictures of him (and Andrew, but he's incidental):

Tomorrow will be a much fuller day. I expect the post will be longer as well.
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016
11:28 pm
Exploratorium, Day Two
I promised pictures. I only took four today, I'm gonna post them all.

While walking to the Exploratorium, we saw this! Very cool:

I spent much of today in the Library of the Exploratorium. Scott was looking at books there, and I was hanging with Bucky. And reading stuff on my iPad.

At noon, Scott did a brown bag get together thing with the staff. Here's a picture I took as he was getting ready to start:

And here's more of the audience:

(Sitting next to me is Larry, whose name will come up again, shortly)

After the lunch talk, Scott and I had lunch. I know, such excitement.

By now Scott's mouth was hurting again, so he went back to our hotel while I stayed with Bucky back in the library. This got weird when a meeting moved in. I enjoyed eavesdropping, but I couldn't move since I had Bucky but not his leash (it was in another part of the library, I had to go past their meeting to retrieve it, if I did, Bucky would get upset). Eventually Scott returned and rescued me.

Then it was off to a reception in Scott's honor. It was supposed to last 90 minutes, but was still going strong an hour after the scheduled end time! We left then so I could feed poor Bucky, who had been wonderfully patient.

Then we met up with Larry (told you he'd be back) and had a great dinner with him. Our conversation was engrossing enough that we closed the restaurant!

And now it's after 11pm and we're going to bed. I leave you with a picture of Bucky being regal:
Monday, March 21st, 2016
10:56 pm
Exploratorium; Day One
I know, I know, today is Monday, not Sunday but I did a lot of driving yesterday, couldn't write during that, and then there was dinner and talking to Sky, and by then, I was so tired I went to sleep.

Which just about sums up yesterday.

Today we went to the Exploratorium for our first day of Scott being an Osher Fellow. Which means we get to hang out at the museum for two weeks, and talk to people! We spent all of the day with Claire, our host. It's because of her we were there both last time, and this. She's incredibly smart and much fun.

While Scott is an Osher Fellow for two weeks, Larry Sass is an Osher Fellow for this week only. We'd not met him before, but we had so much fun talking to him that we plan on doing it a whole lot more. He's an architect and teaches at MIT and is trying to change the world. I suspect he will succeed.

Dinner was me at the hotel talking to Sky on the phone, whilst Scott got us food that we ate in the room.

Bucky is with us, and he as been amazingly awesome. It's like I got my dog back! There has been no growling (at me, anyway), only wonderfulness!

Anyway, I need to sleep, getting caught out in the rain has given me a sore throat and I want to nurse it by getting extra sleep.

I leave you with a picture of Pirate Scott.

And Bucky being adorable in his stroller at dinner last night.
Saturday, March 19th, 2016
2:22 pm
March 18: San Francisco Here We Come!
[I wrote this post yesterday. I'd planned to post it after GameNight, but a friend and I worked on a puzzle until 3am, so I was much too tired to think about anything other than sleep. I've left it as is, and added an ending. That means that "today" means "yesterday," and "tomorrow" means "today." (Can you tell I'm really tired?)]

Tomorrow we get ready for our next trip. Sunday, we drive to San Francisco. We, being Scott, Bucky, and I. I'm expecting that I will feel better when I'm on the road. I know what's expected of me. Lately I've been floating, aimlessly.

Today I'm doing laundry. This is what passes for excitement when I'm not on the road (and, as longtime readers know, sometimes when I'm on the road).

My hair is not the way I want it. We'll see if I have time to fix it.

See, when my brain is not doing well, my blog posts aren't very exciting. You would think that nothing has happened to me in ages, which is totally wrong. All sorts of things have happened.

The most recent thing is not a good thing. Sky's housemates have decided they want a friend to move into her room and have given her until June to move out. If you know an awesome place or person in Portland, OR that would be good for a very smart blind 23 year old and her adorable dog, please let me know...

The last week or so has been all about teeth here. Bucky had his cleaned and two removed; he's still on pain meds and antibiotics and can only eat mushy food. Because of Scott, I got mine cleaned, I need a deeper cleaning, but mostly I'm good. Scott, on the other hand, not so much. He started all the dental visits because his tooth hurt. Turns out it was rotted inside and had to be removed. It broke off while they were trying to remove it and they had to dig the remaining part out. Ow ow ow.

So, Scott is missing a tooth and looks a bit piratey. And he's been in pain for close to two weeks, though I think it's finally easing up. It'll be six months before they can fix the hole; so Pirate Scott is around for awhile. Hopefully it's more noticeable to me than others.

I've gone to many many movies. Some of which I wish I hadn't seen, and others I've already seen multiple times (If lying and embarrassing situations bother you as much as they bother me, avoid seeing "Hello, My Name is Doris": we saw it last night and I left the theatre feeling worse than when I went in) ("Zootopia" I've seen twice and if you want to see it, I'm up for going several more times).

I've spent time with friends. I'm an extrovert and it surprises me, but it's true: spending time with people makes me feel better. It doesn't hurt that I have awesome friends.

Tonight is GameNight. I'll probably post this after, and when I do, I expect I'll be feeling much better after spending the evening with wonderful people, and I will laugh at my several hours ago self for feeling so down.

I'm gonna change the subject before I get too maudlin.

I like writing. When I've posted something I feel better about life, but getting started is always hard. So, once again, I'm going to force myself to write more by promising to post everyday of the trip.

Starting Sunday I will write and post something about our day. And, again, I will include at least one picture. That's a promise, and I try very hard not to break promises.

Since I have spent today doing laundry, talking to Sky on the phone, and playing Candy Crush, I don't have any exciting pictures. Maybe I'll take one at GameNight.

[Saturday me, here again. I did not take any pics at GameNight so I'll start that tomorrow. See you then! (And GameNight did make me feel better, and very tired)]
Thursday, February 18th, 2016
4:50 pm
This is what I needed to write today
I'm on hold with the DMV (calling for my Mom). Let's see what I can write while waiting.

I'm kinda depressed, which makes writing harder. My Dr. upped the dosage of my happy pills (as Scott calls them), so we'll see if it helps.

I kinda feel like talking about depression today, so um, sorry.

Thing is, I've been dealing with depression for as long as I can remember. I've never seriously tried to kill myself, but I've thought about it. A lot. I've been on meds for a few years now.

When I was younger, I didn't want to be on anything for it. The fact that they didn't know WHY the drugs worked made me skeptical. In Scott's book, The Sculptor, Meg (who was based heavily on me) says she doesn't want to take anything for her depression because she, "wants to feel everything." When the book first came out, I read a review that was particularly upset with that part. They were right, it's a very stupid attitude to have, but sadly, it's a direct quote from me. That whole part of the book is hard for me to read because it's ripped directly out of our life together. It took me years to get over myself and start helping myself instead.

It took a bunch of people I love, as well, to make me realize that my depression was NOT something I had to just live with. And that helping myself helped everyone. I can't thank them enough.

Its not perfect. I'm taking my meds, but I'm still pretty bad right now. But I also have a UTI, and my back's been acting up again, all of which makes me feel yucky. I hate this feeling; I'm just in a fog. I thought the anti-depressants would do that to me, but it turns out that they had the opposite affect of lifting the fog.

But it's not perfect, and this week I'm sad.

There are a lot of us out there. Some people never get help because they're afraid of the stigma. Which is why I'm writing this. When people don't talk about emotional problems, then fellow sufferers feel they are alone. But they're not. There are lots and lots of us.

Scott, who is an awesome husband and took my decades-ago instruction, "Don't let me push you away" to heart, has kidnapped me and brought me to his studio. I've now been on hold with the DMV for 40min, but I'm writing. Something. And it makes me feel a little better.

This weekend, Scott will be teaching a 2-day workshop at LAAFA and I will be with him. Hopefully, the new drugs will have kicked in by then, but even if they haven't, no one there will know I'm sad. I'm very good at keeping it under wraps when I need to. And I'm an extrovert, so I get more energy when I'm around a bunch of people. Plus, I love helping Scott at his workshops. They are heaps of fun, and the work produced is always interesting (in the best possible use of the word)!

And tomorrow night is Game Night. That's a good thing.

Cool things are happening with our kids, so that's good, too.

When I'm out of this funk, I'll write an uplifting post. Until then; thanks for reading this far. If I see you in person, I will gladly accept any hugs you're willing to give...

(Still on hold with the DMV; now at 57 min)
(Scott has now proofread this, and I'm about to post; 1hr 15min and they answered just as I typed that.)
Saturday, January 30th, 2016
12:04 am
Post One of 2016
When I don't write for awhile, so much happens that I lose track! I'm gonna TRY to post once a week ("try" being the operative word here). It's my New Year's Resolution, and I'm getting off to a very late start!

My holidays were pretty awesome. How were yours?

I have stories. This season, we had both girls for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years. Which was not a given, as they are both farther away these days. That means I'm overwhelmed with things to write about.

Scott says I should make this Part One of many, and get it up quick, so I have a start.

So here goes.

I'm going to tell you about The Exploratorium. Do you know it? It is one of my favorite museums in the world. I bonded with the head of The Children's Museum (in Boston) when I worked there over our love of The Exploratorium. It's a very hands-on museum, and you can't help learning something every time you visit. And because of the way you're learning, you don't forget, either. It sticks with you. If you haven't been, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have so much love for it.

Which is why I was beyond excited when Scott was asked to come visit for two days. They wanted to talk to him about all the things he's now obsessed with (essentially what will be his next book) and he wanted to talk to them! Mutual brain picking. Scott told our host that I loved the museum, had worked in museums in Boston (for those who don't know, I worked at both Children's and Science. I love museums), and that I'd be driving. Instantly, I was included in everything. My opinion was also considered important. This is a big thing for me. I tend to feel like Scott's appendage, so it was pretty awesome to be seen as someone with valid opinions.

In mid-November, Scott and I drove up to SF. We spent a Monday in the museum while it was closed. We got to play with things, talk to lots of people and have an amazing day. On Tuesday we came back and got to watch the museum with people in it, and I forced Scott into the sensory deprivation dome. We met more people and saw things being worked on. And, surprisingly, even after meeting me, people still took my comments seriously!

It was a wonderful couple days. There was also a nice seafood meal, lots of sourdough bread, a trip to the Musée Méchanique and some beautiful walks.

And I guess there is where it should end.

But it doesn't.

They have asked Scott and I back! With Bucky, since they are a dog friendly museum! So at the end of March we are spending TWO WEEKS at the Exploratorium! I am so excited! After the two weeks we are going in different directions, so that still needs to be worked out...

From there, I'm going to Seattle and then Portland, so if you are in one of those places and want to see me (or us), let me know!

And that's enough for today.
Monday, December 14th, 2015
1:02 pm
My new job! (Well, sort of)
I recently told people that I got an AWESOME new job, but didn't give any details. There's a reason for that. But since so many people asked about it, I thought I'd let you know what I could!

First off, it's very temporary. I started this past Friday, and, if all goes as it should, I end on this coming Friday (8 days total).

Second, it's in Valencia, which I could commute to, but the hours are such that they are putting me up here. (So nice to have some quiet time: terrible for holiday shopping, though)

As for what the job actually is, that's what I'm not sure if I can tell you. None of us are sure of what we're allowed to tell people.

BUT, I do have this very interesting article I can link you to...now I'm not SAYING, it has anything to do with what I'm doing... I'll let you draw your own conclusions (wink wink):
Read here.
(I'll add that where it says four, you should change that to six)

So that's my life! I'm going back home for Star Wars on Thursday late night, then coming back here for Friday. If all is done, I should be back in time for Game Night, with many stories! I'm sure il be safe to talk about it after Christmas...
Thursday, October 15th, 2015
11:43 pm
The End of the Trip
We are home.

We have been since Sunday night, and it's now Thursday. There should be a lot to catch up on, and there is, sort of, but most of it isn't very interesting. So I've been putting off writing. Well, okay, honestly, I've mostly been exhausted so I've tried to get a bit done every day but haven't been up to much more.

The rest of the trip home was driving, Los Vegas, and more driving. As usual, Vegas was way too hot, but we spent most of our outdoor time at night which wasn't quite as bad. We walked a lot. Discovered a bunch of walkways that connected the hotels from the second floor. A bit scary with my fear of heights, but nowhere near as scary as the tram/monorail/whatever that we took.

Our excitement (we are old) consisted of eating at the buffet at MGM Grand (this is a Scott thing, he loves this buffet, I think it's okay but really expensive and would love to try others; someday we will be back for more than 20 hours), seeing the fountains at The Bellagio (we're suckers, we love them), and walking. A lot.

In the morning we gambled.

My mom asked me to spend $10 on the slots (the only kind of gambling I've ever done in Vegas), so I did. So did Scott. It was his first time ever, and it was totally different from the last time I did it so we both had to learn how the slot machines work. Haha. I have NO idea how they work. They confuse me no end. But I now know how to put money in, and get it back out to go to another machine or to cash out (everything's done with paper these days-much harder to spend a set amount and keep winnings separate). In the end, we spent $20 total, and saved our winnings of ~$5. So, two or so hours of fun for $15!

Our favorite machine was the Batman one. It had cut scenes from the TV show of our youth. Very cool.

We got to Vegas at around 5pm on Saturday night. We left at around noon or 1pm on Sunday. Got home Sunday night. Had dinner with my mom. Then watched an entire week of Jeopardy, to see Amazing Young Matt.

That's about it. Laundry took forever. There was a lot. I've paid some bills. We've been watching Steven Universe every free minute. Outside of Jeopardy and the debate that's all we watched (and the first episode of Rick and Morty which I fear is a very Ivy-unfriendly show).

Tonight we are going to the movie theatre to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet. To be honest, it's not my favorite play. I have much of it memorized, but I don't like it (I don't like Romeo and Juliet either, I'm full of unpopular opinions). But Mr Cumberbatch is so talented that it's worth it just to see him. I'm very excited about this!

In other news, yesterday, Winter was in lockdown at her school. She was alone in her dorm room and understandably upset. There was a shooting nearby. Not on campus, had nothing to do with the school, but because it was close the school took the precaution. Last I heard, they still haven't found the shooter(s). A 15 year-old is dead and a 17 year-old is injured. Can we stop with the guns already? Have enough people died yet? Winter and her friends are fine, I'm just really tired of hearing about people shooting other people, especially kids. I'm ready for this to stop. I've been ready for a long time now.

Okay, let's talk about something happy: tomorrow is Friday! We are home! That means, yup, you guessed it, GAME NIGHT!! Any locals who want in, please come! If you don't remember where we are (my mom's place), ping me! And don't forget to 6:15 if you want in on sushi or pizza. I'm guessing it's gonna be a pretty awesome night.

And there's other cool news pending. If you're at GN, you'll probably hear everything, but I'll post about it once things are real...

And the next post will finally be about Vermont and that part of our trip.

(Wow, this is pretty long considering I thought I had nothing to say)

(Note 2: Just got back from Hamlet. Pretty awesome. Overshadowed a bit by my run and subsequent fall during intermission. My arm is quite a sight. Haven't looked at my hip yet. It's over an hour later and I'm still in pain. Ow. Guess my leg's not as perfect as I thought it was? But, Hamlet was well worth the pain!)
Friday, October 9th, 2015
11:32 pm
I must sleep!
I'm so tired that I'm not even gonna do the Twitter/Facebook thing to tell people this is here until tomorrow. Now THAT'S tired!

Today we drove just under 600miles (I think; the odometer recording today's mileage got accidentally zeroed out at some point, so I'm not positive).

We are in Colorado. Almost at the end of the state. I can't remember the name of the city, but it's more than one word long (Scott's asleep and I'm in the dark, so I can't check the phone or anything).

As always, the best part of driving through Colorado is...well, Colorado. So beautiful. This is the best of the pictures I took today:

This does not begin to do the beauty that is Colorado justice. It was getting dark, so we only stopped at one rest area, which was sad, but driving in this dark scares me more than Colorado is beautiful.

Dinner tonight was at an Italian restaurant and was delicious.

But, more importantly, they had paper on the table, and gave us crayons to draw with.

Here are our drawings (so clear which one was drawn by the Artist, and which was drawn by the significantly less talented Wife)

I can't keep my eyes open, and we're getting up early tomorrow because we wanna get to Vegas early enough to have fun. I'll try to write more then.

Good night!
Thursday, October 8th, 2015
11:16 pm
I've Decided to Cheat
Okay. I've decided to cheat. When I left off my narrative we were done with Milwaukee. After that came a stop in Syracuse, several days in Vermont, a quick night in Canada, and a longer stop back at Syracuse.

I have a lot to say about all of the above, but I'm not feeling great. A got a slight cold in Vermont, and I've been plagued with stomach stuff ever since. And I don't want to fall more behind, so...

What I've decided to do is blog our trip back out west. We've already done about half the trip so I'll catch you up on the last few days, then make sure to write something everyday until we get home (which, if all goes well, should be Sunday). On Monday, I should have all day to sleep, play with my dog (whom I miss terribly), do laundry, hug and talk to my mom, and write up the Vermont and Syracuse portions of our trip.


We started our drive late on Tuesday (I'll explain why when I write that part on Monday) and only managed to drive to Buffalo. I made us stop early because Tuesday is movie night, and I had a plan! And it worked!! We stopped early enough that we were able to make it to see the Riff Trax version of Miami Connection. I do not remember the last time I laughed so hard! It was the perfect way to start our trip, especially since we've decided we no longer have time for much more than getting back ASAP.

Wednesday we drove just under 600 miles. Highlights of the day included;

• Stopping at a random Dunkin' Donuts and them HAVING MY CHOCOLATE KREME DONUTS! This is a big deal in Ivy world. I bought two.
• Eating lunch at a Burger King that looked nothing like a Burger King.
• Drinking way too much Diet Dr Pepper.
• Having dinner at Cracker Barrel
• Frozen Custard

The Frozen Custard deserves its own paragraph. See, to my knowledge, I'd never had frozen custard before this trip. In the last few weeks I've had it four times. I seem to like it. Did you know it existed? Hmm, I have a lot to say about it, but it's getting late, and I need to drive 600 miles tomorrow, so I'm adding a note to write about frozen custard on my Vermont blog.

Last night's hotel room (in Peru, IL) was quite grand. They gave us a handicapped suite. I was too ill and tired to fully appreciate it. But I did take a picture! Actually I tried to take a pic at every place we stopped. Some pretty boring pictures there. Here's the pic of the room:

While I'm picturing things, mmmm donuts!:

Today we drove about 560miles. This day was even less exciting than yesterday. My pictures today are lame, and yet, more interesting than the day was. We did listen to some great podcasts, so that part was fun. I think today's highlight was getting to talk to both girls on the phone. And, to a much lesser extent, having dinner at Red Lobster.

We are in Kearney, Nebraska. It's near Lexington, Nebraska, which I didn't know existed until today. Tomorrow we gain another hour, so 600 miles should be doable. I'll comment on all comments and messages then.

Here's today's best pics:

Oh, and Game Night Gang, if you've read this far: there WILL be a Game Night this coming Friday (October 16th), at my mom's!
Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
11:14 pm
I know, I know, I've been sick, okay? Well really that's no excuse, since I've only been sick for a few days, but it sounds good...?

I'm sitting in Bird Library, at Syracuse University. Waiting. And writing. Winter is at a nearby school, observing a math teacher, and Scott is taking a walk. When we first got to the library, I found a comfy seat, sat down, and looked up at the books in my direct line of sight. Standing on a shelf, clearly on display, was Scott's book Making Comics. I keep looking up at it and smiling as I write this!

I can't seem to get the Internet to work, so I'm never sure when this will get posted (or finished, for that matter) but at least I'm starting.

I believe we were heading for Milwaukee last I wrote? Milwaukee was mostly about our friend Kennan. He is a professor there (as is his partner, but she's on sabbatical doing awesome things, which is great for her, but sad for us, since she wasn't there). I have known Kennan since he was about 13. He might not be related to us, but he is family. And we do not see nearly enough of him these days, so it was wonderful to be able to spend some time with him.

We got into town on Thursday evening, got a tour of Kennan (and Carolyn)'s house (wow, is their house beautiful!). Then dinner at a tiny Italian place. Mm, pasta.

(Since the above was written, 24hours have passed, and I'm now in a hotel in Syracuse waiting to go to a meeting with Winter)

Friday was the talk. I don't remember what we did during the day. I know the talk was around 6pm. Our hosts were the college's comic club called "Bam! Pow! Comics." Now that our youngest child is twenty, everyone college age seems really young. And so did they. But, as one would expect, they were adorably geeky. In other words, our kind of people.

Kennan made it just in time to the talk, and joined us and the comics club gang at dinner at a local hamburger place. They opened the upstairs for us, so we got to be as rowdy as we wanted to be, which wasn't very, actually, but there were some lively discussions, though I no longer remember what they were about.

Saturday was all about touring Milwaukee with Kennan. We went to the beautiful art museum with the sail, which was mostly closed, so we got to enjoy the entrance and lobby. Then we went to a coffee shop that used to be a pumping station (it was pretty cool). It was followed by a trip to the Public Museum.

Before going there Kennan warned us that it was an incredibly kitschy museum that was not to everyone's taste. In other words, our kind of place. And it was, it so was. The one problem was that we got there late enough that we only had time to explore the first floor fully. But, since it had the amazing European Village we most definitely got our money's worth. It was so cool people! You have no idea! And so wrong in so many ways. This, we took pictures of. Here's one of Scott trying to look like the guy with the plans (technically this was part of the history of Milwaukee part, but it was right next to Europe, and we took the picture):

And here's part of the Jewish room. I found this particularly amusing. Get it, they're Jewish, that means money must be involved!:

I could've spent all day in that museum!

We ended our Milwaukee tour with The Fonz. I did not take a picture, but trust me, on the river walk in town, is a statue of The Fonz, it was the Bronze Fonz. I kid you not!

That was the week that Pawn Sacrifice came out, and Scott was dying to see it. So we did! Kennan took us to this beautiful theater to see it. It was one of those big theaters with a balcony and everything. It had been converted into three screens, two tiny and one large. Two of them were being used for a film festival in town, so it was rather crowded, but since we were seeing a non-festival show ours wasn't so bad. We all liked the movie. It was a while ago now, so my memory is nebulous, but I'd recommend it. Though it did make me sad.

That night we spent the night at Kennan's. I think that few days with Kennan was more time than I'd spent with him in decades. The next morning we went to a pancake house that was so good that if I lived there, I'd be eating there every morning. It might've been the best French toast I've ever had. So good.

But then we had to say goodbye to Kennan, Milwaukee, and this narrative.

I need to go now to get to that meeting with Winter. I'll proof and post this tonight, then write up Vermont and our present trip to SU. I will catch up eventually!
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015
9:24 pm
I'm sitting here at a laundromat filling the time while machines do their work. I figure writing this is my work and it's time to try to put the last few days into perspective.

SPX stands for Small Press eXpo (I know, the letters don't really match, but whatever) and takes place in Bethesda, Maryland. We have only done the show a few times. Scott's been to one or two without me. The thing about SPX is that it's small and there are lots of cool young cartoonists. This means there's the ability to have actual conversations with people and you come back with lots of great new comics.

(Okay, that didn't work. The laundromat had the TV on too loud for me to concentrate. Then life. So I'm finishing this today, Wednesday.)

But this year the show seemed to have a vibe. I've been trying to figure out a way to express it. The closest I've been able to come up with is Circle of Life? I got to talk to lots of people (my favorite part of any con), but many of my conversations were about the big things. There was more than one good friend who is getting a divorce, others getting married. My mom called to tell me a friend of ours had died, and there were other recently deceased people being talked about at length, and babies! Besides getting word of Neil and Amanda having their baby, I got to hold a beautiful four month old, and see a friend we'd met earlier this year who was due practically any minute. I spent the whole weekend feeling sad and happy simultaneously. Which is not easy. And not actually fun (except for the holding the baby part, that was just happy!).

Then there were my friends. There were a bunch of people I'd hoped to spend some time with, and our time together (if we saw each other at all) was enough for a hug, and not much more. On the other hand, I actually got some real time with people I've not gotten to hang with in far too long, so that was great.

In the just fun portion of the weekend, I did get to see some panels and they were all very interesting and lots of fun. Scott's panel was well-received, and I had (as usual) a great time kibitzing from the front row! So many people mentioned loving the panel throughout the rest of the day, which was cool. Scott had two signings at the CBLDF booth, and they both had huge lines, people even got turned away (which was both sad and cool).

All in all, I had a good weekend, I guess. Just a little bit off, not right. I'm not loving growing old.

Though the nearby Dunkin' Donuts did have my favorite kind (Chocolate Kreme: So. Good!), so that part was solidly happy.

The Monday after the con, we were invited to stop by Richard Thompson's (of Cul De Sac fame) house for a visit. So of course we went. Richard was a political cartoonist before he started working on the strip. Cul de Sac is considered one of the best comic strips of recent history. It's pretty awesome. Thing is, Richard developed Parkinson's Disease, and his career ended. He's now in a wheelchair, with limited capacity to do much. Talking is not easy for him. Meeting him, for me, was an honor. I love meeting funny, smart people. I wished I'd met him before he was sick. As it was, I could understand much of what he said, but not all. I expect he was much more interested in meeting Scott, but he included me in the conversation as well. When we left, I wanted to scream at the universe for being so cruel. And to just sit in the car and cry for how senseless it all was. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to meet him. I hope I will be able to do so again (along with his family, who I gather have quite a bit in common with me).

Thank you, again, Shena, for arranging it!

After meeting with Richard, Scott and I drove off to a hotel a few hours away in Pennsylvania, where we've been hiding out ever since. I did laundry, Scott answered email. We went to two (or three, depending on how you count) movies (We saw Grandma together, the next day Scott saw Black Mass, while at the same time I saw Maze Runner 2).

And I've, very slowly written this post. Tomorrow we head for Milwaukee, where Scott speaks on Friday.

I'll likely wait until after that to post again.

Just realized I was supposed to fast today, and didn't. Told Scott I'd do it tomorrow, and he said I'm not allowed to because I'll be driving all day. He's right. Arg. I am such a bad Jew. :-(
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