Ivy (ivy_rat) wrote,

Life the Universe and Everything

Yesterday, April 28th, my brother turned 42.

Yesterday, April 28th, Cory Marder died.

There's no significance in these two events. But they did both get me thinking about life, the universe and everything.

Twenty-five years ago, when Scott was "courting" me, he did it by having the two of us sit in his big green chair together as I read Beanworld for the first time. The first time I met Larry Marder was that summer at ComicCon in San Diego. The first time I met Cory was also at SDCC. I have no idea if it was that first year or not anymore, but if it wasn't the first year, then it was the second. But the thing was, even when Cory wasn't there, she was there. Larry is one of my favorite people in the world, but Larry has always been Larry & Cory. They were a team. I've been sitting here trying to remember which events she was at, and which was were just Larry, and I can't remember. I can't remember because she was always there, even when she wasn't. She was so much a part of Larry that her presence was felt whether she was there in person or not.

Cory was one of those people who lit up the entire room simply by entering. In Beanworld she's the inspiration for the character Dreamishness who's represented as the sun. Such a perfect depiction of her. Cory glowed. I complained to Larry once that his Dreamishness t-shirt was yellow and yellow was not a color I could wear. Larry said that the shirt was yellow because he made if for Cory, and yellow was her favorite color. I so get that. Yellow suits her to a T.

The last few times I saw Cory, the cancer had taken its toll. She was careful not to over exert herself, and you could tell things were a bit more difficult. But it didn't matter. She still lit up the room. At Scott's surprise 50th birthday party she was the one helping calm my nerves while we waited for Scott, she helped coordinate the seating and the food and made sure to meet everyone there. I can't tell you how awesome she is. Was.


Larry says she was ready to go, and I believe that. This was not sudden, they had time to figure things out. I hope it was peaceful. I hope things are better for her now? I know there are a lot of us who will miss her.

A very good friend of mine just lost both of her parents in the last six months, and then gained another granddaughter. Life goes on. We lose people we love. But if we keep them in our hearts, they are never truly gone.

Goodbye Cory. I might not ever see you, but I know you will never be gone, because even when you weren't there, wherever Larry was, so were you.

Larry, all my love to you.

And Marcus, I hope you had a good birthday. Life. The universe. And everything. Make good use of this year.

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