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March 18: San Francisco Here We Come!

[I wrote this post yesterday. I'd planned to post it after GameNight, but a friend and I worked on a puzzle until 3am, so I was much too tired to think about anything other than sleep. I've left it as is, and added an ending. That means that "today" means "yesterday," and "tomorrow" means "today." (Can you tell I'm really tired?)]

Tomorrow we get ready for our next trip. Sunday, we drive to San Francisco. We, being Scott, Bucky, and I. I'm expecting that I will feel better when I'm on the road. I know what's expected of me. Lately I've been floating, aimlessly.

Today I'm doing laundry. This is what passes for excitement when I'm not on the road (and, as longtime readers know, sometimes when I'm on the road).

My hair is not the way I want it. We'll see if I have time to fix it.

See, when my brain is not doing well, my blog posts aren't very exciting. You would think that nothing has happened to me in ages, which is totally wrong. All sorts of things have happened.

The most recent thing is not a good thing. Sky's housemates have decided they want a friend to move into her room and have given her until June to move out. If you know an awesome place or person in Portland, OR that would be good for a very smart blind 23 year old and her adorable dog, please let me know...

The last week or so has been all about teeth here. Bucky had his cleaned and two removed; he's still on pain meds and antibiotics and can only eat mushy food. Because of Scott, I got mine cleaned, I need a deeper cleaning, but mostly I'm good. Scott, on the other hand, not so much. He started all the dental visits because his tooth hurt. Turns out it was rotted inside and had to be removed. It broke off while they were trying to remove it and they had to dig the remaining part out. Ow ow ow.

So, Scott is missing a tooth and looks a bit piratey. And he's been in pain for close to two weeks, though I think it's finally easing up. It'll be six months before they can fix the hole; so Pirate Scott is around for awhile. Hopefully it's more noticeable to me than others.

I've gone to many many movies. Some of which I wish I hadn't seen, and others I've already seen multiple times (If lying and embarrassing situations bother you as much as they bother me, avoid seeing "Hello, My Name is Doris": we saw it last night and I left the theatre feeling worse than when I went in) ("Zootopia" I've seen twice and if you want to see it, I'm up for going several more times).

I've spent time with friends. I'm an extrovert and it surprises me, but it's true: spending time with people makes me feel better. It doesn't hurt that I have awesome friends.

Tonight is GameNight. I'll probably post this after, and when I do, I expect I'll be feeling much better after spending the evening with wonderful people, and I will laugh at my several hours ago self for feeling so down.

I'm gonna change the subject before I get too maudlin.

I like writing. When I've posted something I feel better about life, but getting started is always hard. So, once again, I'm going to force myself to write more by promising to post everyday of the trip.

Starting Sunday I will write and post something about our day. And, again, I will include at least one picture. That's a promise, and I try very hard not to break promises.

Since I have spent today doing laundry, talking to Sky on the phone, and playing Candy Crush, I don't have any exciting pictures. Maybe I'll take one at GameNight.

[Saturday me, here again. I did not take any pics at GameNight so I'll start that tomorrow. See you then! (And GameNight did make me feel better, and very tired)]
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