Ivy (ivy_rat) wrote,

Exploratorium; Day One

I know, I know, today is Monday, not Sunday but I did a lot of driving yesterday, couldn't write during that, and then there was dinner and talking to Sky, and by then, I was so tired I went to sleep.

Which just about sums up yesterday.

Today we went to the Exploratorium for our first day of Scott being an Osher Fellow. Which means we get to hang out at the museum for two weeks, and talk to people! We spent all of the day with Claire, our host. It's because of her we were there both last time, and this. She's incredibly smart and much fun.

While Scott is an Osher Fellow for two weeks, Larry Sass is an Osher Fellow for this week only. We'd not met him before, but we had so much fun talking to him that we plan on doing it a whole lot more. He's an architect and teaches at MIT and is trying to change the world. I suspect he will succeed.

Dinner was me at the hotel talking to Sky on the phone, whilst Scott got us food that we ate in the room.

Bucky is with us, and he as been amazingly awesome. It's like I got my dog back! There has been no growling (at me, anyway), only wonderfulness!

Anyway, I need to sleep, getting caught out in the rain has given me a sore throat and I want to nurse it by getting extra sleep.

I leave you with a picture of Pirate Scott.

And Bucky being adorable in his stroller at dinner last night.
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