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The Reports of my Death...


Well, I really failed at my "I will post everyday" plan. I have a good excuse. Well, I have an excuse, you can decide if it's good:

My last post we were still in San Francisco. Sky had just arrived. It was awesome having her with us. That part was great. Sadly, she also brought tension and conflict. Well, she didn't, her housemates did. So I blame them. Their threatening texts and emails began the first night we had Sky. It's all very long and complicated, but suffice it to say, we spent every evening dealing with their machinations. In the end we failed, and Sky's housemates took all of Sky's belongings out of the apartment and put them in storage, and changed the locks on the doors, in a very final way of ousting her. I don't know how legal this all was, but the lawyer I spoke to felt that we might have a case, but it would be more trouble than gain.

So, yeah. The rest of our time in SF was fun during the day; tension at night. By the time I had any time to write again, I was too stressed. And then I was too busy.

So now, weeks later, I'm back to fill in the gaps. And I've gotten the bad stuff out of the way!

Let's see, a quick wrap up of our time at the Exploratorium:

We got to go to the studio of Bret Victor. Bret is looking to change the world. I hope he succeeds, because the world he envisions is an awesome place. Wow. The demos he showed us were like magic, and even after he explained them, it was still hard not to see it as magic.

Roman Mars (of 99% Invisible fame) came to the Exploratorium to talk with us. This was Sky's idea, and it was a very good one! Despite his disdain for sourdough bread (which is just WRONG), Roman Mars is pretty awesome. We all had a great time talking with him!

There was also a dinner with Raina Telgemeier, and another with Patrick Farley. Both are people we adore and don't see nearly enough of, so those nights remain as gifts in my memory.

There were many other wonderful times (doing the Tactile Dome with Sky, whose lack of sight was an advantage; hanging out with our host, Claire, who is a font of amazing...), but then our time was over.

From SF, Scott drove Bucky and himself back home, while I flew to Portland with Sky and Samwise. I was supposed to be there for emotional support dealing with the dog on the plane (Samwise is not a great traveler). In the end, I was as much support for Sky who was coming back to her adopted home state, but to no home. I had a six hour layover during which I got her settled in a hotel for a few days, went to lunch with her, then left her and Samwise to catch my flight to Seattle.

(Sky is now almost settled in a new place: she's in a temporary room there, but will officially move to a more permanent place at the end of the month. Things are good)

I went to a fan convention in Seattle. I was still a bit overwhelmed by recent events so I spent much of my time alone, which is kinda the opposite of what I was there for. The time I did spend with people was pretty awesome (The conversations with friends at the con will resonate for a long time) and the time I spent alone was much needed, so I have no regrets. I even got to spend time (away from the con) with my friend Mary, who recently(ish) moved to Seattle from CA, and whom I miss muchly.

From Seattle, I flew back home, met up with Scott and we went to Irvine together so Scott could be the keynote speaker at an event at Blizzard. It was fascinating to get a glimpse of their world. And, omg, those people are talented! And they gave us the coolest gift ever! Maybe I'll post a pic at some point.

We also managed to snag a (delicious) dinner with Larry Marder and his gal Vicki while we were in the area!

Next it was back home again to mountains of laundry and a Game Night, since we were actually there on a Friday! On Sunday we were at the LA Book Fair. Scott had one of the last panels of the event at 4:30pm! He was interviewed by Ben Blacker (from Thrilling Adventure Hour). Scott expected it to be sparsely attended since it was so late, but he was wrong. It was a good sized crowd! And the signing line afterwards took long enough to go through that the fair was almost all packed up by the time we were done! Which was great, except for the fact that we needed to get on the road!

We only managed a few hours that night, but the next several days consisted of driving, sleeping, and drinking far too much Diet Dr Pepper. We made it to Connecticut in time for dinner with our hosts from the Avon Free Library. Have I mentioned how much I like librarians? So much!

Let's see. That brings us up to this past Saturday. And AvonCon. Scott did the keynote speech at the end of the day, but we got to spend the rest of the day hanging out at the con. It was tiny, and wonderful. A very good day.

Sunday I left Scott to do a quick trip to Syracuse to help Winter with some stuff. I got to meet her boyfriend (who I totally approve of) and her academic counselors and advisers. It's great to know that she has lots of much needed support.

From Syracuse on Monday I drove back to CT to pick up Scott, then we spent two days driving to here. Arkadelphia.

Tomorrow we spend the day hanging out at Henderson State University with our old friend Randy Duncan.

Wow. So long. Sorry. But I'm caught up now? Maybe I can let go of the guilt I've been feeling over my long absence? Maybe.

If I have time tomorrow, maybe I can write something interesting? If you've read this far, thanks! You're a real glutton, but I promise to be less boring next time!
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