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What I'm Up To

This is a blog post, honest. But I'm starting with a note to the GameNight Gang: no GameNight tomorrow (Friday June 2nd). Scott and Winter will be with me, and we'll all be here in Burbank. In fact the only GameNights this month will be the 16th and 30th! We should have more free Fridays in July!

And now, back to our scheduled blog post:

I have a job! It is awesome, with very cool people! I don't think I've told the world this yet, so I figured I should.

Except I can't. I think. It's supposed to be secret, so I have no idea what I'm allowed to say. But, I think, as of today, I'm allowed to tell you that if you see the 70mm show of Wonder Woman at ArcLight; Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, or La Jolla in Southern California; or Toronto or Vancouver [Ahhhh! CORRECTION: Montreal, not Vancouver!!] in Canada then you will be seeing a film that at some point was touched by me. Literally. We only put together five WW prints. Mostly we are working on another movie that will get a much wider 70mm release. And, since it's not out yet, I don't think I'm supposed to say which movie. But if you do see WW in 70mm, you will see a trailer (which they are calling a "prologue") for it.

We are doing the work in Burbank. Because Scott needs our one car, and it's a long commute, I am being put up in a hotel. All together we are a group of four people. Two are from out of state (one being my friend Cherie) and we are all in the hotel together. Our head honcho lives close enough that she commutes, so she can be home for her cat.

70mm movies are real film, instead of digital, which is what most theatres show these days. We are sent lots of small reels of film and we splice them together, put them on platters and then into cases and ship them out. I'm proud that I can do this, and thrilled to be working with this group!

I worked with all three of these people when we did the 70mm Hateful Eight prints. I really like them all, so working with them is much fun. Which is a good thing since we are working seven days a week! Our one guy took some time off to work a film festival, but he's back now so it feels like the family is back together.

The job will be over by the end of this month, but for now, I'm really busy! Scott and Winter come visit every so often, and I try to make it back for GameNight (only when Scott is in town, so my mom doesn't have to entertain if we get there late!). Tomorrow, Scott and Winter are coming into town because Scott is filming a Geek and Sundry thing on Saturday! We were planning on all going to see one of our Wonder Woman prints tomorrow, but it looks like the shows we could make are almost sold out, so I think we're gonna do it on Sunday instead.

It's not all fun and games. We are working very hard, and have the bruises to prove it! I fell this morning trying to protect some reels of film I was moving. I'm sure the bruise on my arm will be spectacular by morning! And I had mostly gotten better from the last black and blue bruise I had!

So, anyway, this is all why I've been largely absent from the world.

Well, that, and because we have a president who continues to horrify me daily, which makes it hard to deal with anything bigger than my immediate purview.

And with that, I shall now sign off and go take a shower. I am clearly too tired to make this post have a coherent, pithy ending.
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