Ivy (ivy_rat) wrote,

The first post about postcards

I have been putting this off for a while. Let me start by telling you why: Scott is going to take pictures. Winter is planning on doing a post, and both of those would probably be more interesting than what I have to say.

That said, we would all like to thank everyone who sent Winter a postcard. You guys are awesome!! The postcards ranged from educational to beautiful to utilitarian. The messages ranged from personal to fascinating to clueless. Winter loved each and every one of them.

Yes, her class did win the contest. In the end, there was no contest. Winter herself brought in over 200 postcards, the next highest class had about 5. The teacher read many of them in class. Winter has, or will, read all of them on her own as well.

The party was lame; basically there was pizza for lunch. But, all the kids made it a point to thank Winter, which made her day.

Winter was never very happy at this school, many things happened that made her feel like less of a person (middle school can be like that), but the postcards, getting them and all the comments that she got on her blog from people telling her that they were going to be sending them, are going to be some of the most treasured memories that she will take from this last year.

All the postcard are home. We didn't have a bag when we went to clean out her locker, so they had to be hand carried out. Scott, Winter and I all had to carry a bunch each to get them from her locker to the car and then into the house.

Today, Winter went to school with Sky. It's the last day of school for Sky this year. Finals ended yesterday. The seniors graduated last night, but the rest of the school has a half day today. Sky and Winter thought it would be fun if Winter came with, as it is a very lax day that exists mostly to get yearbooks signed. Sky was planing on going to more of her friends classes than her own. After school they are getting food at a local plaza. Traditionally I would be with them, but this year they have chosen to go without me.

Next year, with both of them in high school together, I know Winter will have a better year than she did this year.

My girls are growing up.

Thank you. Everyone who sent a postcard. Neil, for twittering about it and causing such an avalanche. Scott, for also posting in your blog. All the people who posted about it elsewhere.

But, mostly, thank you everyone who sent a postcard. You are the coolest people in the world. And you were from all over the world. People we knew, people we didn't know. All over America and all over the world. It was awesome and you are the best.

Winter will likely be writing up her version soon, now that we are done, done, done with all schools for the summer (though I am taking her to Disneyland tomorrow, so she won't be writing for a least a few days). Scott wants to take pictures of all the postcards, so that will happen soon as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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